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Finding the best espresso bean

Best for expresso is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. Why? Because Arabica has better taste, but Robusta produces this lovely cream on top of your espresso. Note that you will often find espresso made with a secret blend, and that is why no blends taste the same.

Think about this: If you make a cup of espresso with Arabica beans from Brazil and I do the same. Then, we both end up with similar types of coffee. But if you make a blend with Arabica and Robusta and I do the same, then the coffee will taste different since we probably will not use the same blend ratio.

If you use beans from Brazil and Thailand, you will get a different blend than someone using Brazil and Colombia beans. So, looking for the best bean for espresso takes a lot of time.

Starbuck use Arabica even if Robusta is more on the espresso side than a normal cup of coffee.

What Makes the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Best Coffee Beans For Espresso
Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Espresso Roast

The longer you roast beans the more it favours espresso. This also means beans get more dark = dark roast. The best roast for expresso is more up to you and what you like, but usually, medium/dark – Dark roast is used.


When it comes to espresso, freshness isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. The fresher they are, the better your espresso will taste.

Roasters usually print dates on bags so you know when the beans were roasted. Aim to use them within a month from that roast date for peak flavor. The difference in your cup can be huge, giving you rich flavors and that beautiful crema everyone is after in their shots of espresso.

Keep beans away from light until it’s time to grind them.

Ranking the Top 11 Espresso Beans

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Coffee Bros Espresso Blend

The Coffee Bros Espresso Blend shines as one of our top pick. This blend from a New York City roaster packs a punch with clean with rich flavors.

They choose only the best 100% Arabica beans, roasted to perfection to turn your morning cup or afternoon break into something special.

Now let’s talk about why it’s perfect for all those fancy espresso-based drinks. Whether you’ve got a machine at home or you’re using a simple moka pot, these beans are versatile. Baristas love them because they know they’ll get consistent shots with notes of deliciousness every time – and so can you.

Use these beans for lattes, cappuccinos, or just straight-up espressos; either way, it’s bound to be ridiculously flavorful.

Illy Italian Espresso

Illy Italian Espresso stands out in the coffee world. This Italian company has been making folks happy with its espresso for years. They mix 100% Arabica beans from different places to make one amazing blend.

The medium roast gives a taste that’s just right – not too strong, not too light.

People trust Illy for top-notch espresso coffee. If you’ve got an espresso machine at home and want that classic Italian flavor, this is your go-to bean. You can also find Illy medium roast Espresso Ground Coffee in 250g packs.

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso brings a special kind of magic to the cup.

This blend isn’t just about good taste—it shows off what Intelligentsia stands for. They aim for their espresso to shine with quality in every shot pulled.

Each roast is crafted with care, making sure every bean leads to an espresso that’s more than just a beverage

Lavazza Espresso Italiano

Lavazza Espresso Italiano grabs your attention with its 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America. The coffee hits the perfect notes of smoothness, aroma, and balance.

Lavazza is a quality Italian brand who is known around the world for high quality. This is one of my best pick.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription brings fresh, top-notch beans right to your door. They work with over 450 local roasters to give you a ton of choices for espresso. You’ll get beans that are picked just for you, based on what flavors you like.

You won’t find stale coffee here – it’s all about freshness and fast delivery. And if you care about where your coffee comes from, this subscription is spot on because they focus on ethical sourcing.

Plus, their rotating espresso option lets you control how many bags arrive at your place. It’s perfect for anyone who loves trying different espressos without leaving home.

Blue Bottle 17ft Ceiling

Blue Bottle’s 17ft Ceiling brings a bold and unforgettable experience to espresso lovers. This dark roast Italian blend packs a punch with its high caffeine content. It teases the palate with rich caramel flavors that play on the tongue, making each sip luxurious.

The beans are organic, showing Blue Bottle’s commitment to quality and sustainability. With robusta in the mix, you get an espresso that’s strong and full-bodied.

For those who love their shots potent, follow the recommended 20g dose for a yield of 20g—this gives you that intense 1:1 ratio known among aficionados.

Joe Coffee The Waverly

Shifting gears from Blue Bottle, let’s talk about Joe Coffee’s The Waverly. This particular espresso catches your attention with its unique blend of characteristics that change with the seasons.

It’s crafted to balance body and sweetness, topped off with lively fruit notes.

Joe Coffee takes pride in their RFA certified Waverly House Espresso Blend, roasting small batches for freshness right in New York City. People are loving this blend—online reviews rave about how amazingly smooth and rich each cup turns out.

Plus, they’re often saying it beats other big names! Sourced from Mexico and Colombia, these beans show off what it means to enjoy a great cup of joe made by folks who know their stuff.

Irving Farm Blackstrap Espresso

Irving Farm Blackstrap Espresso comes from New York and hits the spot with its smooth taste. It’s full-bodied, which means it has a rich flavor that fills your mouth. People love this coffee because it’s sweet but not too sharp, so it mixes great with milk for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

You can buy it online to try at home in your espresso machine; many say it works really well, especially in superautomatic machines that do all the work for you.

Fans of Irving Farm say their Blackstrap Espresso is perfect if you want a classic espresso experience without too much bitterness. Because the acidity is low, each sip feels nice and gentle – good news for those who don’t like their coffee to bite back! Plus, whether you’re making an espresso shot or just a regular cup of joe, this blend adapts well to both styles of brewing.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff Hot Shot Espresso

“Drink Coffee Do Stuff Hot Shot Espresso” stands out for its unique roasting approach. They take their beans way up to 6000 feet for roasting. This high altitude trick helps bring out a sweet taste and shows off what’s special about where the coffee comes from.

If you love espresso, this one could be one of your new favorite. The team behind “DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF” is serious about making great flavors happen. Every bean gets the star treatment so that when it hits your cup, it’s more than just a drink—it’s an experience.

Regalia Rainbow Hopper Espresso

Moving from one bold espresso to another, let’s dive into the colorful world of Regalia Rainbow Hopper Espresso. This blend is something special for those who know their way around an espresso machine.

It’s designed with expert baristas in mind, so they can impress coffee lovers with amazing flavors.

Regalia Coffee has crafted the Rainbow Hopper Espresso to delight folks looking for something unique in their cup. They’re all about creating experiences for modern espresso drinkers, and this blend sure does stand out.

Whether it’s morning or midday, a shot from this bean can make your day feel extra bright.

Square Mile Red Brick Espresso

Square Mile Coffee Roasters hit the nail on the head with their Red Brick Espresso. This blend brings together beans from Peru and Colombia, giving you a sip that’s like biting into a piece of rich chocolate fudge combined with hints of almond and orange.

It’s not just any old espresso; Square Mile made sure this one stands out with its unique mix.

You’ll want to get your coffee grinder ready for these best whole bean coffee for espresso. To brew it just right, aim for 19 grams per shot, heat your water to between 201ºF-202ºF, and let it flow for about 28 seconds.

What to Look for in an Espresso Roast Coffee

Tips for Brewing the Perfect Espresso

Making espresso seems simple, but the right steps can turn good beans into a great drink. Here’s how you can make an amazing cup of espresso every time.

  • Pick fresh, whole coffee beans for the best flavor. Espresso needs strong – tasting beans to taste just right.
  • Grind your beans finely. A fine grind helps water pass through well and makes the espresso taste rich.
  • Measure your coffee carefully. Use about 18 grams of coffee for a single espresso shot to get a balanced taste.
  • Heat your water to between 195°F and 205°F. This range is hot enough to get flavors out without burning the coffee.
  • Tamp down your coffee grounds evenly. Pressing them down in your portafilter makes sure water goes through all the coffee.
  • Use an espresso machine with steady pressure. Aim for nine bars of pressure, just like the pros do for top-quality shots.
  • Watch the time it takes to brew. Your espresso should take about 25 to 30 seconds from start to finish.
  • Clean your equipment after use; this means wipe down your steam wand, rinse the portafilter, and clean out any loose grounds.
  • Try different coffees until you find what you like best. The same bean can taste different depending on who roasted it and how they did it.

Grind size

Grind size is like the secret ingredient for awesome espresso. It can change how your coffee tastes and feels. Think about it – if your grind is too fine, you might end up with a bitter shot; too coarse, and it’s like sipping weak tea.

You want that Goldilocks grind – just right for the machine you’re using.

Now say you’ve got one of those fancy automatic espresso machines.. If so, getting the grind size spot on will help make sure each cup is pure magic. For different ways to brew – like drip makers or French presses – you’ll need to switch things up.

Always match your grind to your machine, and boom! – you’ve set yourself up for an epic coffee experience.


Now you know what to look for in espresso beans, it’s your turn to pick. Whether you choose one of the top 11 we talked about or find another blend that catches your eye, remember the key points: go for fresh and well-roasted Arabica beans.

Keep an eye on grind size too — get that right, and you’re on track for amazing espresso at home. Grab a bag of great coffee, and let’s make every cup count!


1. What’s the top pick for the best coffee beans for making espresso?

Well, let me spill the beans… Our top choice is those deliciously dark, chocolaty coffee beans specifically roasted for espresso machines. They’re a hit in cafés and perfect for that strong shot at home!

2. Can I use any coffee grinder with these espresso beans?

Oh, good question! You’ll want to grab the best coffee bean grinder you can find – one that’s made just for espresso. It makes all the difference in getting that fine grind right.

3. Is it possible to find decaf coffee beans that are great for espresso?

Absolutely! The best decaf coffee beans out there give you all that rich espresso taste without the buzz – caffeine free and still fantastic.

4. Are there special types of coffee beans I should use with my fancy automatic espresso machine?

Yep! To get your machine humming and your taste buds jumping, look for “best coffee beans” labeled as ideal for superautomatic or automatic espresso machines.

5. Do Italian Espresso lovers have a favorite bean they swear by?

You betcha — enthusiasts rave about “best Italian coffee beans” like George Howell’s Tarrazú or Sidamo from Ethiopia (imagine sipping on history!), which work magic in both Moka pots and high-tech machines.

6. So tell me: Does Starbucks have anything up their sleeve when it comes to brewing up some mean Espresso at home?

Well, think of it this way… Not everyone can jet off to Italy on a whim, but you can swing by Starbucks or even your local roastery to scoop up their own blend crafted just for an aromatic shot (or maybe even create your own Frappuccino!).

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