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Best Hawaiian coffee producer

Hawaiian coffee is one of the best coffee you can get. It’s more expensive than the average coffee beans you buy in stores, but you get back quality from a different world.

In this list, I have written about the top 10 producers and listed them in random order. There is nothing like this is the best one, so order one bag from each to find your winner 🙂

Key Takeaways

  • Big Island Coffee Roasters is expanding and gets high scores for its unique, small-batch Hawaiian coffee.
  • Kona Restoration Coffee focuses on 100% authentic Kona blends, known for their smooth finish from volcanic soil.
  • Hawaiian Coffee Company has been a staple since 1864, offering diverse roasts including dark and whole bean options.
  • Kauai Coffee Company is the USA’s largest coffee farm with over 3 million trees and eco-friendly practices.
  • Hula Daddy Kona Coffee scored a 97-point rating for Laura’s Reserve SL 34 in 2024, showcasing high-quality standards.

Top Ten Hawaiian Coffee Producers – Random order

Top Ten Hawaiian Coffee Producers

Hawaii gifts us with some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste. These ten coffee makers stand out, each offering something special from the Aloha State.

Big Island Coffee Roasters

Big Island Coffee Roasters is a new coffee producer funded in 2010 in Puna.

The farm was in bad shape, but after three years of effort, it started producing quality coffee. In 2013, it won the Grand Champion in the Hawaii Coffee Association competition with its coffee: Puna pink bourbon.

Since then, Big Island Coffee Roasters has become one of the best producers in Hawaii, winning many awards. They are listed as among the Best Coffee Roasters in the U.S. by Forbes, Thrillist, Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, Spruce Eats, and Honolulu Magazine. In 2021, we earned a Good Food Award for Espresso Bites. In 2023, Big Island Coffee Roasters earned Progressive Grocer’s “Impact Award” for environmental an social efforts, “Best Specialty Coffee Roaster” from the World Coffee Innovation Awards, and “Fastest Growing Hawai’i Company” awards from Pacific Business News.

I would rate them as one of the absolute best, and their coffee is simply a must-try.

big island coffee roasters

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Kona Restoration Coffee

Moving from Big Island Coffee Roasters, we find Kona Restoration Coffee. This coffee company stands out for its dedication to preserving the rich heritage of Kona coffee. They grow their beans in Kona, Hawaii, a place known for producing some of the world’s most unique and sought-after coffee.

The care they put into each bean shows in the flavor of their brews.

At Kona Restoration Coffee, they focus on offering 100% authentic Kona blends. Their medium roasts capture the smooth finish and rich taste that only comes from beans grown in volcanic soil.

Each sip promises a blend of flavors that reflect the unique terroir of Hawaii. They have a variety of coffee options that cater to any taste preferences—whether you prefer your drink iced or as espresso, there’s something here for everyone.

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Hawaiian Coffee company

Hawaii Coffee Company is an old company and one of the best producers in Hawaii. They are known for their LION coffee and their Royal KONA coffee. When you drink royal Kona coffee, you are also drinking the first original Kona coffee, and that’s pretty cool.

Their unique location with volcanic soil, perfect elevation, and regular rainfall is ideal for growth.

They have a large selection of coffee blends and also offer tea. The Hawaii Coffee Company is one of my top picks.

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Kauai Coffee Company

Kauai coffee company is the largest coffee grower in Hawaii with 3100 acres. Not only that, they are also the largest in the entire U.S

They offer a huge selection of different blends, so you can be sure you can find something you will love.

Their coffee has received many stars from users; it’s absolutely one of the best when it comes to taste. Check them out; they are also reasonably priced.

Voted Best Coffee Grower by HAWAI’I Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards

kauai coffee

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Koa Coffee

KOA coffee is 100% Kona beans, meaning no blend.
They have won many awards, including “Top 10 Coffee of the World.”
All beans are hand-picked, and with their quality roasters, every batch is perfect every time.

If you want the real deal, then you will find your type of coffee at KOA Coffee. They have a large selection of beans with different types of roast that taste extremely good. I strongly recommend you check them out.

KOA coffee

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Green world coffee farm

Green World Coffee Farm is a smaller farm with 7 acres. It offers tours, cafes, and shops.

I found it cool that they give away free samples of their carefully roasted coffee. It’s a chance to taste before you buy. They’ve started growing their own coffee beans too. Plus, they support local bakers by using their products.

This small farm is set on the North Shore of Oahu — a spot well-known for its surf but now also for its coffee. Their daily roasting practice catches your attention; it shows how much they care about delivering a great brew.

Green World is linked with Kona coffee, celebrated around the globe for its distinctive flavor shaped by the island’s special microclimate and attentive cultivation processes. Reviews back this up, placing them among Hawaii’s top coffee cultivators.

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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee shines with a 97-point rating for Laura’s Reserve SL 34 in 2024. Their coffee stands out, thanks to small-batch roasting of their 100% Kona beans. Back in 2014, readers of Hawaii Magazine named it the top Kona coffee.

Lee and Karen Paterson turned an 11-acre pasture into a bustling coffee farm back in 2002. They dreamed of making one of the best coffees in Hawaii—and they did.

This company has built a strong name by sticking to high-quality standards year after year. Their commitment honors both Hawaiian coffee traditions and the unique taste of Kona coffee with each harvest season.

Hula Daddy’s dedication makes every cup special, offering something delightful for every coffee fan.

hula daddy

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Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm

Moving from Hula Daddy, let’s talk about another remarkable name in the coffee world – Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm. This place sits nestled in the hills of Holualoa. It’s right at home in Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island.

They don’t just grow coffee here; they make magic with 100% Kona Coffee that people across the globe love and seek out.

The farm spreads over 40 acres and is proud to have around 23,000 coffee plants. As one of Kona’s largest farms, they play a big role in keeping the tradition and heritage of this special beverage alive – every cup tells a story.

Not ones to sit back, they actively fight against fake “Kona” labels using smart science from geology. If you ever visit, their tours not only show you breathtaking views but also dive deep into what makes Hawaiian coffee truly unique – like tasting history in your cup!

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Greenwell farms

Greenwell Farms has a big name in Kona, being one of the oldest and largest coffee growers. They’ve earned top honors for their Signature Series Elizabeth J, a special Pacamara type of bean.

Their farm tours are super popular. Visitors get to learn all about different coffee types, how it’s grown, and why Kona is so unique for coffee farming. This place breathes the spirit of aloha into every cup of 100% Kona Coffee they make.

Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, Greenwell Farms makes learning about Hawaiian coffee history and production exciting. They teach that the best beans come from trees aged between four to six years old—showing that with age comes flavor.

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Kona coffee and tea

Kona coffee and tea shines as a rare gem in the world of caffeine. This brew comes from Kona, Hawaii – a place known for its rich volcanic soil that’s perfect for growing these prized beans.

Since 1840, farmers have perfected their craft here, making every cup a sip of history and tradition. The unique flavor profile—rich, with just the right touch of acidity—sets it apart.

And thanks to strict regulation, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Farmers even used science usually for studying rocks to protect their legacy against fake “Kona” labels. This dedication shows in each batch they produce. So whether it’s your morning kick or an afternoon pick-me-up, Kona coffee offers something special that no other bean can match.

Next up is Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm…

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I love sipping on the best Hawaiian coffee. It’s a special experience that you can’t find just anywhere. The islands give us less than .05% of the world’s coffee, but what they do provide is pure gold—valued at about $50 million each year.

With around 900 farms across Hawaii, it’s easy to see how diverse and rich in flavor the coffee from these islands can be.

Each region like Kona, Ka’u, and others brings its own twist to the brew. For instance, the slopes of Mauna Loa bless us with award-winning 100% Kona Coffee known for its distinct taste and low acidity.


Hawaii’s coffee scene shines with these top producers. Each brings something special to the table, or better yet, to the mug. From Big Island Coffee Roasters‘ rich blends to Kona Coffee and Tea’s smooth sips, there’s joy in every cup.

Choices range from iced delights by Green World Coffee Farm to exotic peaberry options at Hula Daddy Kona Coffee. Savoring Hawaiian coffee means tasting the care, tradition, and unique flavors of each island brew.

With so many reputable brands, your next favorite cup could come from any of these stellar spots. Ready to explore? Your perfect Hawaiian coffee adventure starts here.


1. What makes Hawaiian coffee special?

Hawaiian coffee, grown on the Big Island’s slopes, offers a unique flavor and low acidity. Its distinct taste comes from rich volcanic soil and the perfect climate.

2. Can you find different types of roasts among Hawaiian coffees?

Yes! From light to medium roast coffee, there’s something for every palate. Experienced roasters ensure each batch highlights the beans’ natural flavors.

3. Is Kona coffee really one of the best in Hawaii?

Absolutely! Best Kona is renowned worldwide for its smooth flavor profile—thanks to being grown in the Kona region, it stands out as Hawaii’s finest coffee.

4. Are there any rare varieties of Hawaiian coffee I should try?

Definitely look for Kona Peaberry—a rare type known for its rich taste—and other varietals like Typica and Macadamia Nut which offer distinct flavors.

5. Where do these top producers grow their coffee?

They grow their coffee across Hawaii but mainly on the Big Island and areas like Ka’u, where conditions are perfect for producing high-quality beans.

6. How can I savor Hawaiian coffee at home?

To enjoy the full experience, brew your choice of roasted Hawaiian coffee beans fresh—it could be iced or hot espresso—to capture that authentic island flavor right in your kitchen.

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