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Finding the best italian coffee

In this article, we’ll travel across regions exploring local specialties and uncover top-notch brands that can transform your kitchen into an Italian caffè. We’ll also share tips for selecting blends and brewing methods so you can master the art of Italian coffee making right where you are.

The History and Culture of Italian Coffee

Best Italian Coffee

Italian coffee has roots that go deep. Picture Venice in the 1500s, bustling with traders, and one of those traders has just brought something special – coffee beans. Soon after, Italy warmed up to this new drink and by the 17th century, it was all the rage.

People loved gathering at coffee houses to chat, think and enjoy a cup.

These places weren’t just for drinking; they were cultural hubs where artists met philosophers and business was done over freshly brewed cups of espresso. The Italians took their love for coffee seriously—so much so that they invented their own ways to make it even better.

Espresso came into play and changed the game forever. It led to a boom in Italian coffee culture which is still strong today with many famous brands like Lavazza and Illy making sure everyone gets a taste of Italy’s finest brews.

Cafes are still meeting spots for friends, a place to take breaks or see art displays in some cities. In homes across Italy, you’ll hear the familiar sound of espresso makers working away or smell robusta beans sizzling from roastery doors swinging open—a daily reminder that here, life revolves around good conversation..and great Italian coffee.

Exploring Regional Italian Coffee Specialties

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Italy’s coffee scene is like a treasure map, each region hiding its own special gems. Travel from north to south and you’ll sip on many different, delicious brews.

  • In the Lombardy region, they serve “caffè alla salentina.” It’s a mix of espresso, ice, and almond syrup.
  • People in Venice enjoy “caffè del doge,” where the coffee gets a spice kick with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Tuscany brings you “caffè leccese,” blending hot espresso with sweet almond milk.
  • Sicily boasts the famous “granita al caffè con panna.” It’s a frozen espresso treat topped with whipped cream.
  • Naples is home to “espresso napoletano.” Here, they make it extra strong and serve it with lots of crema on top.
  • Over in Rome, “caffè marocchino” delights locals. Espresso meets frothy milk and cocoa powder for this one.
  • Up in Milan, people start their day with “marocchino caldo,” a warm version of Rome’s chocolatey coffee.
  • The island of Sardinia gives us “caffè corretto.” That’s espresso spiked with a shot of local spirit.

Unveiling Italy’s Top Coffee Brands


Lavazza stands tall as the world’s third largest coffee brand. Originating from Turin, Italy, it carries with it the legacy and flavor of true Italian coffee tradition. Known endearingly as “Italy’s Favourite Coffee,” Lavazza has warmed its way into the hearts and homes of Italians, claiming a spot in 16 out of every 20 million coffee-loving families.

This iconic brand doesn’t just sit comfortably at home; it aims high and wide. Imagine walking down the street in your city and seeing a Lavazza store, cozy as your favorite sweater – that might just become reality since they’re planning to open up to 15 stores globally, bringing a sip of Italy everywhere.

The year 2019 marked a milestone for Lavazza as their exports soared, making them an emblem of Italian taste worldwide. Luigi Lavazza started something special all those years ago in Turin – now his vision lives on through each steaming cup enjoyed around the globe.


Illy shakes up the coffee scene like no other. Back in 1933, Francesco Illy kicked things off, and since then, they’ve been big on innovation—think fancy espresso machines that changed the game.

They’re so into their craft that they even invite coffee fans to Italy for a full-on week of learning with the masters. Talk about living the coffee dream!

But it’s not just about brewing a great cup; Illy walks the talk on caring for our planet too. They teamed up with Expo 2015 to put together events all about sustainable coffee goodness.

And hey, these efforts shine bright—they snagged a spot as one of 2023’s top three coffee champs. Plus, they earned themselves a B Corp badge in 2021—for being awesome at ethical business and helping out Mother Earth.

Whether around the globe or at home, Illy is all about serving up that true Italian coffee vibe we all love.

Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti brings the taste of Italy’s cafes right into your cup. Founded by the ambitious Massimo Zanetti, this brand quickly rose to fame with its smooth flavor and rich aroma.

It’s not just coffee—it’s an experience that echoes the lifestyle of Italian espresso bars. Picture yourself sitting in a bustling cafe in Rome; that’s Segafredo for you.

This beloved coffee has made waves beyond Italy too, snagging the title of most-loved coffee brand over in good old Wien—yeah, Vienna loves it! And if you’re wondering about getting your hands on their goods, they’ve got everything from fancy espresso machines to simple pods.

So whether you’re a barista or someone who enjoys a quick espresso at home, Segafredo Zanetti has got something special just for you.


Kimbo Coffee comes straight from the heart of Naples, Italy. The Rubino brothers started it in 1963 and called it Café do Brasil SpA. They knew how to make coffee that people would love, serving both homes and shops with their rich flavors.

Now, Kimbo is a big name in Italian coffee–one of the top three roasting companies there!

Their coffee packs a punch with its bold taste. In fact, Italians who prefer strong dark roasts usually go for Kimbo’s blends. The brand has been a heavy hitter among Italy’s best since the ’90s.

Outside of Italy, too—like in Germany—Kimbo’s Extra Cream finds its fans even though not as many folks know about it there. From three passionate brothers to an icon in Neapolitan coffee making..

that’s Kimbo for you!


Vergnano stands out in the coffee world with over a century of brewing traditions. Since 1882, this family-run gem has poured passion into every cup, making it more than just a drink—it’s an Italian experience! They’ve got shops all over the globe, from Italy to the UAE.

Their secret? A deep respect for their roots and a love for authentic Italian flavors that have been winning hearts for generations.

This company is serious about quality and culture. Vergnano keeps it real by sticking close to its heritage, serving up some of the best Italian roasts around. Whether you crave an espresso that zings or a smooth sip that relaxes your soul, they know how to deliver true Italian gusto right to your mug—wherever you are in the world.

Filicori Zecchini

Filicori Zecchini stands out as a gem among Italian coffee brands. Since its start in 1919 by two friends, Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini, it has been a symbol of top-notch espresso from the heart of Bologna, Italy.

This brand tells tales of rich flavors and true connections with every cup.

The company crafts a wide array of coffees that fit any taste—whether you want beans for your espresso machine or grounds for your morning pour-over. The passion behind Filicori Zecchini’s brews shines through their reputation; they sit proudly alongside coffee giants like Lavazza and Illy as one of Italy’s finest roasters.


Danesi stands out among Italian coffee brands for its rich heritage, going strong since 1905. Four generations have worked to make Danesi famous for its exquisite espresso culture.

The top seller, Danesi Oro, captures the hearts and taste buds of Rome with every cup.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, Danesi beans are more than just a drink—they’re a symbol of love and passion for coffee’s finest traditions. This brand isn’t just making coffee; they’re crafting experiences that honor Italian style in every sip.


Moving from the refined tastes of Danesi, let’s dive into the bold flavors of Caffè Borbone. This Naples-born coffee brand quickly climbed up the ranks to stand among Italy’s finest.

It proudly carries on Naples’ deep love for coffee and has become a symbol of that tradition. Caffè Borbone mixes Robusta beans into their blends just right, creating a taste that is both strong and smooth.

People all over Italy pick Caffè Borbone for an authentic sip of Neapolitan culture. They’re not only in shops but also online and in many homes around the world. With its place secured as one of the top five Italian coffee brands, Caffè Borbone invites you to experience true Italian heritage in every cup.


Motta brings a slice of Italy’s coffee magic to the table, making it stand out among the top brands. With rich aromas and flavors that capture the essence of Italian tradition, Motta’s blends are like taking a sip right from an Italian café.

Each cup tells a story—a story filled with passion for quality brewing and love for the perfect roast. People who choose Motta know they’re getting more than just hot coffee; they’re experiencing a piece of Italy’s finest brews at home.


Pellini Caffè brings a century of coffee-making expertise to every cup. Known for mixing different single-origin coffees, they’ve crafted a flavor that stands out. Think harmony; think a dance of the finest 100% Arabica beans with low caffeine—just enough kick without the jitters.

Now picture this: Pellini focuses on espresso perfection, creating Italian delicacies sipped across cafes and kitchens worldwide. Ranked within Italy’s top five coffee brands, it’s no surprise people love their harmonious blends and dedication to taste.


Toraldo jumped into the coffee scene from a small shop, bursting with dedication and big dreams. It quickly climbed ranks to become one of Italy’s best-known coffee brands. Each cup of Toraldo brew whispers tales of tradition and offers taste buds a dance of unique flavors.

The brand stands proud, holding on to its rich history while dishing out cups that tell stories only well-roasted Italian beans can narrate.

Coffee lovers seeking something special often turn to Toraldo for their fix. They’ve mastered the art of creating blends that are both robust and full-bodied, making them perfect for those early mornings or after-dinner conversations.

This is where passion pours into every packet, promising an authentic sip of Italy with each brew.


After taking a look at Toraldo, we move on to another standout in the Italian coffee scene: Passalacqua. This brand has been making rich and delicious coffee since 1948. Back then, they started with just a small roaster but grew big because people loved their coffee so much.

Now, they roast 15 different blends slowly to bring out the best taste.

Many newspapers in Italy have said Passalacqua makes the “best coffee in Italy.” That’s a pretty big deal! Their secret might be how carefully they pick and roast each bean. If you’re looking for some of the finest brews that Italy offers, you’ll want to try Passalacqua’s coffee—it’s like getting a hug from Italy itself.


Caffè Corsini brings a world of flavors to coffee lovers everywhere. With beans sourced from exotic places like Sumatra and wild regions, they create rich blends that wake up your senses.

They mix tradition with new ideas, making sure every cup holds both surprise and comfort. Think about sipping on a brew that has traveled from the lush fields of Colombia or the shaded plantations of India – it’s like sending your taste buds on an international journey.

This Italian brand stands for more than just quality; ethics are at their heart too. In a sip of Corsini coffee, you taste dedication and respect for nature and farmers alike. Next time you reach for a warm mug, let it be filled with something special—something crafted by people who care deeply about every step in making great coffee.

And if you’re eager to know what other delights Italy has in store for your palate, why not dive into another local treasure – Splendid?.


Splendid is more than just a word — it’s the taste of Italy’s coffee heritage in every sip. This brand stands tall among the country’s top brews, treating each cup like a work of art.

Italians take their coffee seriously, and Splendid follows suit with its deep roots and dedication to tradition.

Each blend from Splendid captures something special about Italian coffee culture. It’s not just about the beans; it’s about history coming alive in your kitchen. You can’t miss the splendid aroma that fills the room when you brew a fresh pot – that’s Italy calling out to your senses!

How to Enjoy Italian Coffee at Home

Choosing the right blend

To enjoy Italian coffee like a true Italian, picking the right blend is key. Think of it as finding the perfect pair of shoes—comfort meets style! Each Italian coffee brand offers unique blends that can transport you to a sunny terrace in Rome with just one sip.

For those who love their java strong and full-bodied, go for a robusta-heavy blend. But if you prefer something smoother, choose arabica beans.

Grinding your own beans? Make sure they’re not too fine or too coarse—just right for your brewing method. If moka pot’s your thing, aim for a grind that feels like fine sand. Love espresso? Go even finer.

And don’t rush it—the aroma while grinding is part of the pleasure! With these tips in hand (and cup!), every sip will be pure bliss from Italy’s finest roasters to your home oasis.

Grinding and brewing tips

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Italian coffee blend, it’s time to focus on grinding and brewing. Getting these steps right will make your coffee taste amazing. Here’s how:

  • Know your grind size: The grind should match your brewing method. Espresso needs a fine grind, while a French press works best with coarse grounds.
  • Fresh is best: Grind beans just before you make coffee. This keeps the flavor strong and fresh.
  • Stay consistent: Use a good grinder that gives an even grind size every time.
  • Don’t rush it: Take your time to brew, letting the water and coffee mix well.
  • Water matters: Use clean, fresh water that’s not too hard or soft for the best taste.
  • Heat it right: The water should be hot but not boiling – about 200°F is perfect for most brews.
  • Mind the amount: Measure your coffee! Usually, a tablespoon for every cup of water works well.
  • Time it well: Brewing too long makes coffee bitter; too short, and it’s weak. For espresso, aim for 20-30 seconds. A French press needs about four minutes.
  • Keep your gear clean: Always clean your coffee maker or espresso machine after use to avoid old flavors spoiling your next cup.

Final Thoughts

Italian coffee truly stands out with its rich flavors and history. Brands like Lavazza and Illy show how much Italians love their coffee. If you bring these beans into your home, every sip can take you to Italy.

You’ll find making Italian coffee is simple and delightful. So go ahead, let yourself enjoy a cup of Italy’s finest brews today!


1. What makes Italian roast coffee stand out?

Well, Italian roast coffee has this rich and bold flavor that comes from roasting the beans just so perfectly – they get really dark and oily, kinda like how you’d feel after a sun-soaked day at the beach!

2. Who are some big names in Italy’s coffee game?

Oh boy, you’ve got your classic heavy-hitters like illycaffè and Lavazza Rosso! They’re like the superheroes of the Italian coffee world, always saving the day with a mighty cup of joe.

3. Can I make real espresso coffee at home?

Totally! If you have an espresso machine or even one of those nifty Nespresso gadgets, plus some fine espresso grounds – voilà! You can whip up an “espesso” (that’s not a typo; it’s just fun to say) faster than you can say “caffeine”.

4. What’s so special about robusta varieties in Italy?

Ah, robusta… it’s kind of like the tough guy of Italian coffees. It’s strong, has more caffeine kick than arabica beans do, and is often hanging out in blends to give them extra oomph!

5. Is there a difference between caffè americano and lungo?

You betcha – think siblings but not twins? A caffè americano is basically an espresso shot that decided to take a swim in hot water… whereas lungo is like giving that same shot just enough water wings to float on its own.

6. Where should I look for these top-notch Italian brews online?

Heads up shoppers: places like might just have what you need! From Pellini BIO Arabica magic beans to Caffe Borbone surprise packages – it’s pretty much Christmas every time you hit ‘Add to Cart’.

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