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Breve coffee & brevé coffee latte

What is breve coffee?

Breve coffee is an Italian coffee drink made with espresso and steamed or frothed half and half milk.

Understanding Breve Coffee

Understanding Breve Coffee

Breve vs. Latte

Breve coffee and latte are not the same. Brevé coffee uses half and half vs. latte, which uses 2% milk, and the ratio is different as well.

Breve CoffeeLatte
Uses half and half (a blend of milk and cream)Primarily uses milk
Richer, creamier textureLighter, more milk-forward flavor
Equal parts espresso and half and halfMore milk, less foam, with espresso
Often served in a smaller 4.5 ounce glassTypically served in larger cups

So, with a Breve, you’re basically treating yo’ self to a more indulgent cup o’ joe. It’s like the latte’s rich cousin from out of town—sophisticated, yet knows how to party.

Breve vs. Traditional Coffee

 Breve CoffeeTraditional Coffee
Base IngredientEspressoRegular brewed coffee
Dairy UsedHalf and half (a blend of milk and cream)Often none, but milk or cream can be added
TextureCreamy and richVaries, but generally thinner unless cream is added
Serving SizeTypically 4.5 ounces with precise ratiosVaries widely, often served in larger cups or mugs
Ratio of Dairy to Espresso2 ounces of half and half to a doubleshot of espressoMilk or cream to coffee ratio is more flexible and personal
Milk TextureSmooth and microfoamedGenerally not frothed unless specified (e.g., in a latte)
Flavor ProfileRich, bold espresso flavor rounded by the creaminess of half and halfCan range from mild to bold depending on the beans and brewing method, with a lighter body

How to Make a Breve Coffee at Home

How to Make a Breve Coffee at Home

Breve Recipe

To make a top-notch breve coffee, you must use fresh espresso beans. You can choose a single or double shot depending on how strong you like your coffee. 

Your half-and-half should be heated. Use a steamer if you have to make a smooth texture.

Once your espresso is done, pour over your half and half, and your breve coffee is done.

Breve Latte Recipe

The latte version is almost the same, but now you only use milk. (Did you know Latte means milk in Italian?)
Use two shots of espresso and steamed milk if you can. If not, just heat it up.
I recommend 1/3 coffee and 2/3 milk for Latte.

NOTE: Many like syrup in their latte versions, but keep in mind Breve coffee is already sweet, so there is no need for syrup vs. Latte. You can choose the syrup you prefer.

Perfecting Your Breve Coffee

Perfecting Your Breve Coffee

DIY Tips and Tricks

To make your breve coffee stand out, let’s dive into some advanced techniques. These tips will add a wow factor to your homemade brew.

  • Use fresh, gourmet coffee beans for the richest flavor. Grinding them right before brewing captures their full aroma and taste.
  • Get creative with milk frothing. If you don’t have a steamer, think about buying a hand-held frother or head milk steamer with a frother. 
  • Infuse the half-and-half with flavors like vanilla or cinnamon before warming it up to give your breve a custom twist.
  • Practice pouring techniques to create latte art on top of your drink. It’s not just pretty; it also shows you’ve mixed everything just right.
  • Control the temperature carefully. Heat the half-and-half until it’s warm but not boiling to protect its sweet taste.
  • Experiment with different ratios of coffee to half-and-half. You might find you enjoy a creamier or stronger coffee than the usual recipe.

FAQ’s About Making Breve Coffee at Home

FAQs About Making Breve Coffee at Home

You might be thinking, “Can I use different kinds of milk for my breve coffee?” Sure! Even though the classic recipe calls for half and half, you can try whole milk or other options like oat milk or cashew milk to suit your taste.

But remember, using something other than half and half will change how rich your drink feels. Got no espresso machine? No worries! You can still make a strong coffee base with tools like a French press, Moka pot, or even a portable espresso maker.

To get that creamy top on your breve at home, you don’t need fancy equipment. A simple hand-held frother does the trick just fine – zap it in the warmed-up half and half until it’s nice and foamy.


1. What’s a breve coffee anyway?

Well, breve coffee means a rich espresso-based drink with steamed half-and-half—yep, that’s milk and cream together! It’s like the creamier cousin of your regular latte.

2. How can I make this fancy-sounding “breve” at home?

It’s no rocket science – just brew some strong espresso (grab your favorite coffee beans!), froth up some half-and-half with a milk frother until it’s nice and creamy, then mix ’em together. Voila!

3. Does breve coffee play well with flavors for those sweet tooth moments?

Oh, absolutely! Imagine throwing in vanilla, caramel or even cinnamon… It turns into something like dessert in a cup. Pair it up with cheesecake or cinnamon rolls; it’s seriously good.

4. Are there different types of breve drinks I can try?

Sure thing! You’ve got iced versions for hot days—just pour that espresso over ice before you add the chilled creamy stuff—and what about an affogato? That’s when you top ice cream with hot espresso… trust me on this one!

5. Breve vs latte: what sets them apart?

Think of it this way: lattes are mostly milk with a bit of foam on top while breves switch out the milk for half-and-half; so they’re thicker and richer…like turning your morning drink into something more indulgent.

6. Can any type of coffee bean work for making breve coffee at home?

You bet! Whether you fancy robusta beans or something gentler like arabica—the choice is yours! Just grind ’em fresh right before brewing to get all that delicious flavor popping in your homemade café-style treat.

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