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Brew chemex coffee with style

What is a Chemex Coffee Maker?

chemex coffee
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A Chemex coffee maker is like a superhero in the world of coffee. Invented by Peter Schlumbohm back in 1941, it’s still a popular choice today.

Brewing with Chemex coffee will give you a smooth coffee without any grounds in it. It’s also fascinating to use it, almost like meditation. Takes a bit of time but if you want a coffee made with class, then chemex is the way to go

– Design


So, this Chemex isn’t just any coffee maker. Imagine an hourglass made of glass, but way cooler. It’s got a fancy wooden collar around the middle with a leather strap to tie it all together.

This design is not just for looks—It takes out the extra oils and tiny bits that you don’t want in your coffee, so every sip is super clean.

The whole idea of using a Chemex? To make sure your brewed coffee tastes amazing and brings out all those sweet flavors without any fuss or mess.

How to Brew Perfect Coffee with a Chemex

Boring with machine

How to Brew Perfect Coffee with a Chemex

Or this way:

Choosing the right filter

Let’s talk filters because they’re not just a tiny detail—they make all the difference. You’ll need special Chemex filters to brew that perfect cup. Make sure you buy quality filters since a bad filter will ruin your coffee, and you will blame the Chemex system. Filter is everything, just like 🙂

They’re thicker than your regular ones and this is key for a smooth taste with no gritty bits at the bottom.

  • Grab your Chemex coffee maker and place it on a flat surface.
  • Find the right Chemex filter; they’re square-shaped. Open it up into a cone shape.
  • Put the filter in the top part of your Chemex—the thick side should go by the pouring spout. That’ll help keep the spout open.
  • Pour hot water over the filter until it’s wet all over. This gets rid of any paper taste and warms up your Chemex.
  • Don’t forget to dump out the water you used for rinsing. Otherwise, well, that’s just not going to be good coffee!
  • (did you understand? First, clean the filter with warm water, dump the water, and then begin with your Chemex brewing.)
  • Measure out 45 grams of fresh coffee beans—go on, sniff that lovely aroma—and grind them to a medium grind.
  • Now pour those grounds right into the filter in your waiting Chemex.

Measuring and grinding coffee

Getting the right amount of coffee and grind size is key to making your Chemex magic happen. Trust me, it’s like finding the sweet spot – not too much, not too little, just perfect.

  • Start with 35-45 grams of coffee beans. That’s about 6 tablespoons if you don’t have a scale.
  • Make sure your beans are fresh – they should be no older than a couple of weeks.
  • Use a good grinder for grinding your beans. It gives you an even grind every time.
  • Aim for a medium – coarse grind. Picture Kosher salt – that’s the texture you’re going for.
  • Zero out your scale before you add the coffee to make sure you’re using just the right amount (if you’re using one).

Brew time and temperature

Now that you’ve got your pouring technique down, let’s talk about the two key players in brewing: time and temperature. These guys are super important to making your Chemex coffee taste just right.

  • Hit the sweet spot with temperature. You’re aiming for hot water but not boiling—about 205°F/ 96 celsius is perfect. This makes sure you get all the good flavors without any bitterness.
  • Start your timer once you begin pouring. Good timing helps make sure each sip of coffee is amazing.
  • Aim for a total brew time of 2:00 to 2:30 minutes. This includes the time it takes for all water to drip through the coffee grounds.
  • If you pour slowly and steadily, you’ll help the water and coffee mix well.
  • Keep an eye on how fast your water is going through the grounds. It shouldn’t race through or take forever.
  • If it’s too quick, try grinding your coffee a little coarser next time. If it’s too slow, go a bit finer with your grind.
  • Trust yourself! Use these tips as a guide, but don’t be afraid to play around with them until your coffee is just how you like it.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Chemex Coffee

Use freshly roasted beans

Freshly roasted beans are a game-changer for making Chemex coffee. They pack your cup with zesty flavors and more of those good-for-you antioxidants. You know, it’s like the difference between just-picked strawberries and the ones that have been sitting in the fridge too long

Experiment with different water-to-coffee ratios

Finding the perfect balance for your Chemex coffee may take a bit of trial and error. The pros suggest starting with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water—that’s about one gram of coffee for every 15 grams of water.

Keep your Chemex clean

You don’t want old coffee oils and gunk messing with your next brew, right? Hot water, a little soap, and a gentle touch will do the trick.

Make sure to get all cozy in those curves with your sponge or brush. Dry it well to keep away any unwanted smells. Treat it right, and your Chemex won’t let you down


1. What’s the secret to a perfect Chemex coffee ratio?

Oh, it’s simple – you just need to nail that coffee to water ratio! For Chemex brews, use about one part coffee to 16 parts water… You’ll get that “just right” taste every time.

2. Can I make iced coffee with my Chemex?

Absolutely! Brew your Chemex like normal, then just pour your fresh coffee over ice – voilà, refreshing chemex iced coffee!

3. Is there a special grind I should use for my Chemex?

You betcha! A medium-coarse grind is perfect for your chemex drip coffee maker. It’s like picking the right shoes for running – helps you go the distance without any hiccups.

4. How do I actually use this fancy-looking pour-over thingamajig? (A.k.a., how do I make Chemex Coffee?)

No worries – here’s a quick rundown: pop in a chemex filter, add ground coffee, and then slowly pour hot water over it… kinda like watering plants but way more fun because you get to drink this!

5. Which kind of beauty should I pick for brewing – manual pour-over or automatic drip – when using my Chemex?

Go old-school cool with the manual pour-over style; trust me, it’s worth the extra minutes … Your taste buds will high-five you!

6. Where can I buy all these amazing things for my new favorite morning ritual?

Look no further than Amazon Prime – they’ve got everything from chemex coffeemakers to those special filters … Even bags of best beans ready for your grinder! Just hit checkout with that credit card handy and wait by the door (or spam folder) for confirmation; easy-peasy.

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