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Chess coffee tables are really cool. It gives you a cozy feeling, especially if you are into chess and have friends who also like it.

First of all, when picking a chess coffee table, we have to look at the name: Chess & Coffee Table. This means we are looking for a table with chess or suitable for chess but also for placing a cup of coffee on it. After all, we do need coffee-related stuff on this website 🙂

So, in this article, I will only show coffee tables, not chess tables, but chess coffee tables, if you get my point.

There are also two main options. Should the chess pieces stay on the table after you finish playing, or should the table itself be able to store them?

So, when picking, we need something that fits our needs. Therefore, I have spent loads of time and also used my personal experience to find tables I would buy if my wife allowed me :).
These are my top picks:

Ebony Chess Set Coffee Table

This is an old-school table. It looks like a table used when chess first came to America. The pieces are big, so not for everyone, but if you place it in the right room, the right interior in that room, and you think this table can match everything else, then for sure, this has to be one of the best-looking chess tables you can find.

Big enough to store your coffee cup on while playing, and best of all, it looks really cool even if you do not have the pieces on the board, so you can use it without playing chess, something that might be a big case before deciding on buying a table.

  • Looks extreemly good
  • Can be used as a normal coffee table when not playing
  • Open function to store chess pieces.

You find the table here

Walnut Parquetry Coffee Table

This one is classier but still has an antique style. It looks like a normal coffee table but has a plate you can turn upside down and get a chessboard.

It looks really good, and I like that the middle plate looks like a chess field. Perhaps not something you notice directly, but it’s cool and makes the table stand out.

Even for someone who is not into chess, it looks amazing.

  • Looks amazing
  • Can be used as a normal coffee table when not playing
  • Open function to store chess pieces.

You find the table here

I like to play chess, and my rating is about 1520 at

Choosing the best coffee table is important since you will use it a lot. It’s also an interior you will look at, meaning you want it to look good.
I think these chess tables are extremely nice to look at and still offer a chess function.
Donald Dryer

These two are the best I have found so far. There are hand made chess tables and normal chess tables that I don’t consider chess Coffee Table. The whole idea is to find tables that do both.
Let us know if you find other tables that should be on this page!

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