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Struggling to find the perfect coffee blend? The Dark Sky Blend boasts a 98% 5-star rating. This article will guide you through its flavors, pricing, and customer satisfaction. Read on for an energizing discovery.

Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend: Product Overview

A steaming cup of Copper Moon's Dark Sky Blend on a rustic table in a cozy coffee shop.

Copper Moon’s Dark Sky Blend brings a mix of flavors that wake up your taste buds. It uses top-notch beans, giving you smooth coffee every time you brew.

Flavor Profile and Tasting Notes

Tasting notes for Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend hit all the right spots with lightly charred, smoked cocoa along with hints of fruit and nuts. This blend stands out as medium to medium-heavy, full-bodied with low acidity, making it sweeter than many dark roasts.

Drinkers find this unique combination delightful – a true standout in the world of premium coffee blends.

Every sip brings a surprise – from toasted almond richness to the subtle sweetness of milk chocolate and crisp fruit undertones.

This coffee ensures a great taste experience for anyone looking to brew using various methods, be it an espresso machine or a simple French press. With beans sourced from rich volcanic soils across Costa Rica and other Pacific coast lands, every cup feels like diving into a galaxy of flavors perfectly balanced for the coffee lover’s palate.

Roast Level and Bean Quality

Moving from the unique taste, Copper Moon Coffee‘s Dark Sky Blend shines in both roast level and bean quality. The beans are 100% Arabica—known for their smooth flavor and not being too harsh.

They pick these beans with care, ensuring they’re non-GMO, free from bad stuff like gluten and allergens, mold-free, and even kosher. This means you’re getting a clean cup of coffee every time.

They roast the beans to a medium level. This keeps the coffee strong but not bitter, perfect for those who love their morning java with a bit more kick. And speaking of kick—the blend has 1.5 times more caffeine than your average brew! All this makes sure when you pour over or hit brew on your machine at home or in a coffee shop setting, your cup is bursting with quality and energy that can help blast through any day’s tasks.

Packaging and Pricing

Copper Moon Dark Sky Blend stands out with its smart packaging. You can find it in 12 oz ground or 2 lb whole bean options. The price is easy on the wallet too, $12 for the smaller size and $24 for the larger one.

Looking to save more? Buy in bulk and enjoy discounts—$5 off when you get 3 bags and a generous $20 off if you choose 6 bags. This deal makes it easier to stock up on quality coffee without breaking the bank.

Stock levels are transparent, showing -1033 items available now. This openness helps shoppers make quick decisions without guessing if their favorite roast is ready to ship. For those who love planning their coffee supply ahead of time, this detail really counts.

Plus, ordering from places like means getting your coffee fast—perfect for when you’re rushing out the door but need that quality brew first thing in the morning.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

A photo featuring a Copper Moon Coffee bag and beans in natural sunlight.

People love this coffee. They give it high marks, with 93% giving it 5 stars and only 7% giving it 4 stars. This shows a slight drop from before when 98% rated it as 5 stars and just 2% felt it was worth 4 stars.

Still, these are great scores that show most buyers think very highly of the Dark Sky Blend.

The feedback highlights strong points like its unique flavor profilenotes of blueberry mixed with a medium roast—that comes from beans sourced sustainably from various farms in places like Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Customers rave about its aroma and how well it works for pour-over brews. They also appreciate the commitment to quality and sustainability, making Copper Moon Coffee a favorite among those always looking for specific product information that aligns with their values of enjoying great coffee while caring for the planet.


Dark Sky Blend wins hearts. Most customers love it, showing in a 98% top-rating. This blend stands out with its unique taste – dark yet sweet, packed full of flavors like cocoa and nuts.

It’s not just any coffee; it’s an experience. At $12 for 12 oz., the value speaks volumes. Plus, saving on bulk buys makes sense for avid drinkers. For those who savor quality moments or need that extra caffeine kick, Dark Sky is a clear choice.

It turns everyday coffee into a journey worth taking every sip of the way.


1. What’s special about Copper Moon Coffee’s Dark Sky Blend?

It’s a whole bean roast…sustainably sourced from various farms. Think Costa Rican beans, roasted light, for stargazers and dreamers alike.

2. Can I find this blend at Costco?

Yes! Look for it; the right product waits there. Whether you’re rushing out the door or taking time to watch the stars align, it’s available.

3. How should I brew this coffee?

Pour over brew is your friend here… It brings out the best in these beans—every sip tells a story of starry-eyed nights and dreams.

4. Is the roastery committed to quality?

Absolutely, they’re all about quality…from sourcing to roasting. Each batch? Carefully crafted by expert roasters, ensuring every cup is as stellar as the last.

5. Will this coffee suit everyone?

Believe it or not, yes! Whether you’re always on-the-go or someone who pauses to dream under dark skies—this blend hits just right.

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