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Make yourself a Café Cubano

What Makes Cuban Coffee Unique?

cuban coffee
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History and cultural significance

Back in the mid-1700s, coffee plants first touched Cuban soil and then things got brewing. In 1790 those rich Cuban coffee beans were making their waves all the way to Spain.

Use of dark roast and fine grind

Cuban coffee sure knows how to stand out – it’s all about that bold flavor! To get this taste, they roast the beans until they’re real dark. The longer you cook it, the stronger and richer it gets.

And they grind these beans uper fine, almost like powder. This isn’t your regular morning brew; this is what gives a cup of Cuban coffee its powerful kick and smooth feel.

Let’s make café cubano

Preparation methods

Making a great cup of this coffee is an art and a science. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start with a Moka pot – This traditional stovetop brewer is key for making authentic Cuban coffee. It looks like a little metal hourglass and has three parts that screw together.
  2. Fill the bottom chamber with water – Just up to the safety valve, you don’t want to cover it!
  3. Add finely ground coffee to the filter basket – Use dark roast for that strong, full flavor. Tamp it down slightly but don’t pack it too tight.
  4. Screw on the top chamber tightly – This will prevent steam from escaping.
  5. Heat on medium flame – Put the pot on your stove and wait for the magic to happen.
  6. Mix sugar in a cup – Now, here’s where tradition kicks in! Take about a tablespoon of demerara sugar for every shot of coffee you plan to make.
  7. Watch for the first few drops of coffee to emerge from the Moka pot spout – Quickly pour those first drops over your sugar.
  8. Whip sugar and coffee drops together – We’re aiming for a thick paste called “espuma” which gives Cuban coffee its signature sweet layer on top.
  9. Pour in the rest of your brewed coffee slowly – This way, you keep that lovely espuma right at the top where it belongs.
  10. Serve straight away – Grab some small cups because this brew is potent and meant to be enjoyed in small sips alongside good conversation or perhaps even a Cohiba cigar if that’s your style.

Top Cuban Coffee Brands

Cafe Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo pops in bright yellow and red cans, grabbing your eyes from the shelf. It’s like a warm welcome to all who crave that rich Cuban coffee taste without breaking the bank.

This brand has its roots deep in history, starting with Gregorio Bustelo, a Spanish guy who loved those bold coffee flavors from Latin America. He made sure his brew could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of them, especially for folks missing home.

And hey, it’s not just about Cubans; this coffee nods to cultures across the Caribbean too! Plus, they keep things fresh with options like their Supreme blend – truly something special in the world of coffees and espressos.


Pilon stands out as a crowd favorite for anyone craving a taste of Cuba. Since its beginnings in the 19th century, this brand has been all about that strong, full-bodied flavor people adore.

Folks love it because it gives them an authentic Cuban coffee experience. This coffee is less bitter and smooth.

Mayorga Organics

From the rich taste of Pilon, we move to the eco-conscious and flavorful world of Mayorga Organics. This brand is big on quality and culture, taking pride in its specialty-grade Arabica coffee.

Their Café Cubano Roast is a nod to traditional Cuban flavors and it packs a punch with every sip! They make sure all their beans are organic, non-GMO, and kosher which means you’re getting some seriously clean coffee.

Mayorga doesn’t just pick any bean; they get their arabica from lush farms in Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua—places known for incredible coffee. What’s more? It’s 100% USDA Organic and they work directly with the farmers.

This ensures that your morning cup not only tastes great but also supports fair practices. Choosing Mayorga means enjoying one of the best Cuban coffee brands out there—and feeling good about where it comes from!

Cafe La Llave

Cafe La Llave is buzzing with fans who love a classic Latin flavor in their coffee. They say once you taste it, there’s no turning back — that rich, authentic espresso just hooks you in! The brand shines bright with Cuban-style espresso capsules for those who want their coffee quick but still packed with taste.


This brand has been a family treasure since 1921, bringing Cuban-style coffee to tables with passion and tradition.

Their beans are dark roasted – think deep, robust flavors that can kick-start your day better than any alarm clock.

They offer both ground and whole bean options so you can grind it fresh or have it ready to go when you need that quick fix.

Oh, and if you’re one for late-night indulgence but don’t want the buzz keeping you awake—good news—they’ve got decaf too! Just like oriente offers shade grown serenity; Naviera provides an escape without losing sleep over it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cuban Coffee Brand

Consider your preferred roast

You know what you like, right? Some people go wild for a dark, strong cup of coffee that can almost stand up by itself. If that’s more your style, then Café La Llave might just be your new best friend.

Others prefer something a bit lighter but still with a good kick – and there’s plenty out there for them too! Plus, let’s not forget about those thick, rich flavors Cafés de Cuba are famous for.

Look for eco-friendly and ethical sourcing

Choosing a Cuban coffee that’s both eco-friendly and ethical is like giving the Earth a high-five. These coffees are all about taking care of people who grow them and not hurting our planet.

Think bright future, healthy farms, and happier farmers—that’s what you get with ethically sourced beans. Plus, some brands use bags that can break down over time without messing up the environment—good stuff for keeping things clean.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Cuban Coffee

Using a Moka pot or traditional method

Want to make Cuban coffee the real way? Grab a Moka pot. This little gadget is how Cubans get their coffee so dark and tasty. You put water in the bottom, finely ground coffee goes in the middle, and then you heat it up on the stove.

As the water boils, it makes steam. The steam pushes through the coffee grounds and—boom!—you’ve got yourself a strong brew that smells amazing. It’s not just about flavor; getting that creamy foam on top is key for smoothness.

Now let’s turn that coffee into something special with sugar—the secret ingredient! Mix sugar into the first few drops of your brewed coffee to create “espuma“—that sweet foam everyone loves in a good Cuban cafecito.

Each sip feels like a little taste of Havana right at home! Keep playing around with how much sugar you add until it’s just right for your buds—you’re now on your way to mastering authentic Cuban-style java!

Experiment with different brands and preparation methods for your perfect cup

Finding your perfect cup of Cuban coffee is like going on a taste adventure. You’ve got to try different brands and see how each one dances on your tongue. Maybe Cafe Bustelo’s boldness will get you going in the morning, or Pilon’s smooth finish might be just right for your afternoon break.


1. What’s the big deal about Cuban coffee brands?

Well, let me tell you—Cuban coffee is all about that rich flavor and bold kick! It’s like a warm hug in a mug… or should I say “cup of joy”? Anyway, it’s famous for its strong taste and is a must-try for any coffee lover.

2. How do I pick the best Cuban coffee brand for me?

Ah, now we’re talking! Picking a favorite brand is like finding your soulmate in the world of caffeine (dramatic, right?). Start with some top names; give ’em a whirl to see which one makes your taste buds dance. Oh, and don’t be shy to ask friends or baristas; they might spill the beans on their favorites!

3. Can I make authentic Cuban coffee at home without flying to Cuba?

Absolutely—you betcha! Just grab yourself some fine Cuban beans from one of those praised brands and follow traditional brewing methods. It’s a little journey to Havana minus the airfare (pretty neat trick there).

4. Is Cuban coffee gonna knock my socks off with caffeine?

Ha! Well… it might not literally send your socks flying, but yes—it packs quite a punch in terms of caffeine content. So if you’re looking for an energy boost or just really enjoy hanging onto your hat while sipping java, buckle up because this ride comes with an extra pep!

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