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The frog coffee machine-

First, you can get this in three main versions: the frog revolution, vapor and the baby frog.
I strongly recommend you go for the vapor model since it offers much more and looks cooler. To be honest, you are paying for the look and not the quality since it’s mainly plastic. But hey, it’s a frog! How cool isn’t that?

You can also get them in different colours that you don’t often see. Checkout example:

You also have more classic colour options, so don’t worry 🙂

Key Takeaways

  • 100% Italian made.
  • Their homepage is in English until it’s not. Just see for yourself.
  • It’s made of plastic but built to last, although it might not be as durable as metal machines for long-term heavy use.
  • Cleaning the Didiesse Frog is simple; parts are dishwasher safe and maintenance routines are straightforward.
  • The machine may take up some space, so it’s not ideal for small kitchens.
  • Can you be used in office.

Overview of the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine

First of all, it has 15 bars, meaning it can squeeze the most out of the coffee in the pods.
Second is the steaming stick you get on the vapor version. This makes it easier if you like to create other types of coffees.

It makes a good cup of coffee, and reading other reviews you find on the net seems to agree that this is a good machine. It’s made of plastic for whatever that is worth or not worth.

Design and Build

The Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine stands out with its tall, round shape. It looks like a frog and can be the star of your kitchen. You get to pick from many colors or even make it your own with customizable skins.

You won’t have to fill the water often because it uses a big bottle in the back that lasts for days. With dimensions of 15 x 8.5 x 12 inches, this frog-shaped coffee machine might take up some space, but its unique design will catch everyone’s eye.

Brewing Capacity

This frog-shaped coffee machine can handle a lot of brewing. Inside, there are two aluminum thermoblocks that get the water hot fast.

One is for pulling shots and the other is for steaming milk with an optional steam wand.

You won’t be making coffee and frothing milk at the same time, but switching between tasks is quick. The Frog gives you your espresso shot quickly, letting you enjoy your drink without a long wait.

Perfect for busy mornings or when friends drop by!

ESE Pod System

The Didiesse Frog espresso machine shines with its ESE pod system. Pods are the game-changers here—they lock in flavor and guarantee a great shot every time. You drop an e.s.e. pod into the machine, press a button, and magic happens—the perfect espresso flows out.

No grinding or measuring coffee means you save time every morning.

ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso, making it clear why these pods are popular. They work like coffee capsules but are packed with high-quality ground coffee from brands like Illy.

The Frog’s efficient design squeezes out all the goodness from each pod, giving you rich and consistent espresso shots without fail. Forget about clutter—no loose grounds or messy filters to clean up here!

Brewing Performance

Stepping into the heart of any espresso lover’s dream, the brewing performance of the Didiesse Frog truly shines; each cup promises a dance of rich flavors and aromas. Unveiling this machine’s magic, we dive deep into how its precise mechanics translate to an impeccably pulled shot every time..

Flavor and Quality of Espresso

The Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine turns coffee pods into a delicious espresso shot. Each sip is smooth, with rich flavor and very little bitterness. This frog-shaped coffee machine ensures that every cup has a full-bodied taste—like what you’d expect from a professional barista.

Using ESE pods brings another benefit: you’ll get the same great quality time after time. However, these pods may not capture the unique flavors of freshly ground beans. Still, they provide good flavour.

ESE Pods (Easy Serving Espresso)

Moving from the smooth flavor to how regularly the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine delivers it, let’s talk about its ESE pod system. ESE pods are known for giving you the same great espresso shot every time.

They take out guesswork and variation. Each pod is pre-measured and packed to ensure maximum coffee flavor extraction.

These little pods keep your morning routine fast and fuss-free. You’ll notice that each espresso has a full-bodied taste with minimal bitterness — just like a professional barista made it.

With two aluminum thermoblocks, this frog-shaped coffee machine gets high marks for brewing consistency. It’s designed to give you that perfect cup day in and day out.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Navigating the day-to-day with your Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine, you’ll find it’s a breeze; from the straightforward operation to the simple maintenance routine, this machine is designed to be user-friendly—even for those new to home-barista life.

It’s as if every detail has been fine-tuned for maximum ease—letting you get back to what matters: enjoying that perfect espresso shot.

Simplicity of Operation

Operating the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine is a breeze. It’s designed to make brewing Italian espresso simple for everyone. Here are the steps that show just how easy it is:

  • Fill the water bottle and place it in the machine. This 2l reservoir means you don’t have to refill often.
  • Choose your favorite ESE pod flavor and pop it into the pod holder. The handy shims keep it stable.
  • Push the coffee button to start brewing. Your espresso will be ready in moments.
  • Enjoy your perfect shot of espresso without fuss or hassle.
  • Making more drinks? Just add another pod and press the button again.
  • Throw away the used ESE pod from the holder.
  • Rinse out any loose grounds from the machine.
  • Occasionally, give the removable parts a wash – many are dishwasher safe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine clean is key to great tasting coffee. Here’s how to keep it spotless:

  • Start with the drip tray; you need to empty and wash it every day.
  • Use fresh water to fill the machine, which will help prevent scale buildup.
  • Regularly wipe the machine’s exterior with a damp cloth to keep it shiny.
  • The steam wand should be cleaned after each use by purging steam and wiping it down.
  • For the brewing head, run a water cycle without a pod once a week.
  • Descaling is crucial; do this periodically as outlined in the manual to keep flavors fresh.
  • Check seals and filters monthly for wear and tear; replace if necessary.

Value for Money

It costs less than $200 or thereabouts. You get a steamer and a really cool espresso machine. If you look at what else you can get for $200, Then I personally would go for Nespresso with a steamer package at Amazon for $249.


Check price at Amazon

Durability and Long-term Use

The outer shell is made of plastic, and it might feel a bit cheap. However, even if a product is made out of plastic, it might last for years. My bet is if you have a toy from your childhood, then it’s made of plastic and not steel or iron.


The Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine stands out in any kitchen or office with its unique look.

You can get better coffee machines, and going for the vapor edition costs around $200, meaning you can get better machines for the same price tag.
However, if you want to own a machine that stands out and makes people talk, then this might be the one for you. It’s cool, I give them that, so in the end, it’s up to you. Looks vs. better quality

Checkout their homepage (no affiliate link)


1. What makes the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine stand out?

The Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine wows users with its unique design and ability to brew rich, delicious espresso every time. It’s a standout choice for coffee lovers who value both style and substance.

2. Can I trust the quality of espresso from the Didiesse Frog?

Absolutely! The machine is built with precision to ensure that every cup of espresso tastes fantastic. You’ll feel like a skilled barista right at home, serving up shots that could rival your favorite café’s.

3. Is it easy to use the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine?

Yes, it is! This machine is designed keeping in mind both beginners and experienced users—just press a button and watch it craft perfect espresso without any hassle.

4. How long will my Didiesse Frog last?

Durability is key here—the Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine promises long-lasting performance so you can enjoy countless cups of top-notch espresso for years to come.

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