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Finding the best mexican coffee

History of Mexican Coffee

mexican coffee
History of Mexican Coffee

Then in strides the Spanish, lugging their coffee seeds along for what would become a caffeine-fueled revolution. Fast-forward through centuries of cultivation and boom—you’ve got yourself fields upon fields of those precious Arabica and Robusta beauties that make your morning cup something to write home about.

Origins in the Aztec civilization

Long before coffee shops popped up, the Aztec folks were sipping on something pretty similar. They had this drink — dark like night, toasty in smell, and oh boy was it bitter!

So let’s tip our hats to those clever Aztecs for kicking off the whole trend. They might not have had fancy espresso machines or cute latte art back then, but they definitely enjoyed their own version of a good ol’ cup o’ joe.

And yep, that’s how deep coffee runs in Mexican culture — it goes waaay back!

Introduction of coffee by Spanish colonists

In the late 1700s, European settlers brought coffee to Mexico. They started planting it on big farms. These farms mostly used workers from nearby native communities. Coffee plants didn’t grow in Mexico before this time; they came from far away.

The Spanish colonists saw that the weather and soil in places like Chiapas were perfect for growing coffee beans. So, they made good use of the land and people to create coffee plantations.

Pretty soon, Mexican coffee began to make a name for itself.

Types of Mexican Coffee

Types of Mexican Coffee

When it comes to Mexican coffee, we’ve got a whole fiesta of flavors and forms — from the quick-fix instant kind that’s perfect for those manic Mondays (we all have ’em) to the richly roasted stuff that’ll make your taste buds dance a jarabe tapatío.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee is a big deal for many folks who want their caffeine fix quick and easy. You just add hot water, stir, and boom—your cup of joe is ready! Lots of people love it for camping or when they’re in a hurry.

In Mexico, instant coffee comes with its own flair. Think rich flavors that might remind you of chocolate or cinnamon. knows what’s up—they’ve got some tasty Mexican brands that’ll change the way you think about instant coffee. And let’s not forget NESCAFÉ.

So if you’re into those cozy moments with a warm mug but short on time, this stuff’s like finding gold.

Roasted coffee

Roasted coffee beans are what make each cup so special. They come out of the roaster with a rich color and full aroma, ready to be ground up and brewed into your favorite drink.

Mexican brands take their roasting seriously. They play with the heat to find just the right flavor – whether it’s light and zesty or dark like chocolate. Arabica beans from places like Chiapas get roasted until they’re perfect.

This process gives life to coffees that smell amazing and taste even better.

The Best Mexican Coffee Brands

Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Coffee takes you right to Oaxaca, where each bean is like a little piece of history. This gourmet coffee grows high up—3500 feet! It’s got this amazing nutty flavor that really makes your taste buds dance.

They use a special wet-process, so every sip feels like you’re tasting the rich soil it came from.

Now, if caffeine isn’t your thing, no worries—they’ve got decaf too.

High Grown (Altura Pluma) Gourmet Coffee

High Grown (Altura Pluma) coffee will knock your socks off with its rich flavor! It’s a special kind of bean that grows way up high—at least 3500 feet above sea level.

The cool air up there helps make each bean kind of like a tiny flavor bomb.

High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee stands out in the crowd of Mexican coffee brands. They bring something special to your cup, with beans that might just come from the best spots in Mexico. Think Chiapas, where the coffee sings with rich milk chocolate notes and a snappy acidity that wakes up your taste buds.

Artesania Tazas Para Café de Barro Artisan Made Coffee Mugs

Sipping coffee from an Artesania Tazas Para Café de Barro adds a special touch to your morning. These clay mugs are made by Mexican artisans who work hard to keep old crafting ways alive.

Each mug is unique and hand-crafted, perfect for anyone who wants their coffee time to feel extra special. They don’t just hold coffee – you can enjoy tea, hot chocolate, or even water in them.

You’ll find that using these mugs brings a bit of Mexico’s rich coffee culture into your home. Apolonia Coffee makes sure they’re top-notch and truly authentic before bringing them to you.

BLUPARK Cafecito & Chisme Cup

let’s pour ourselves into the world of BLUPARK Cafecito & Chisme Cup. This isn’t just any coffee cup; it’s a celebration in ceramic form.

They stand for more than just drinking; they represent a moment to share stories and laughter with friends or family.

Now, these cups are linked to top-notch Mexican brand coffee for good reason. When you choose BLUPARK, you’re choosing to dive deep into those candy bar flavors we all love—a hint of chocolaty or maybe even some almond notes dancing around your taste buds.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cup

Ah, the quest for the holy grail of coffee—your perfect cup. It’s personal; like finding that one song that gets you grooving every time it plays! Whether you’re into a rich, volcanic-soil aroma or a smooth blend with just a hint of fiesta—the trick is knowing what tickles your palate and what doesn’t.

Let’s say adios to bland brews as I spill some beans (wink) on tailoring your Mexican java journey to absolute caffeinated bliss!

Consider your taste preferences

You know yourself best, so think about what flavors make your taste buds happy. Maybe you love the rich, deep notes of dark chocolate in your coffee or the sweet hint of almonds that reminds you of dessert.

Your morning cup might need to have that strong kick to wake you up or perhaps a smoother, softer touch is more your style for a relaxing break.

Picking out coffee isn’t just about grabbing any bag off the shelf—it’s like choosing a meal. Just as you wouldn’t eat something that doesn’t match your cravings, don’t settle for coffee that doesn’t fit what you like.

Do some experimenting with different tastes until you find the one that feels right in your morning mug. And hey, if decaf is your jam for an evening wind-down—go for it! There’s no one-size-fits-all here; we’re all about finding that perfect personal blend.

Roast level

Picking the right roast level can really make your coffee sing! Light roasts keep things bright and a bit tangy, while dark roasts bring out a bolder, smokier flavor. Like Volcanica Mexican Organic Coffee—oh boy—it sits happy in the middle with a medium roast.

This one’s just right for folks who love balance in their cup.

Grind size

Grind size matters a lot when you make coffee. It can change how your drink tastes. If the grind is too big and your brew time is short, your coffee might taste weak. But if it’s very fine and you brew for long, your coffee could turn bitter.

The goal is to get just the right size for the way you make coffee.

Let’s say you use a French press – you’ll need coarse grinds like breadcrumbs. For a pour-over or drip coffee maker, go for medium grinds that feel like beach sand. Espresso fans should aim for fine grinds like table salt.

And if an AeroPress is more your style, experiment with different sizes until it tastes great to you! There’s also this handy chart called a “coffee grind size chart” that shows what size works best for each brewing method – super useful to have around!

Specialty blends

So, you love trying new tastes? Specialty blends are your ticket to flavor town. These coffees mix different beans for a taste that’s out of this world. Think chocolate, nuts, and even hints of fruit in your cup! The best part is how these blends let roasters get creative.

They play around with tastes from various regions, like the Soconusco area known for its excellent beans.

Now, picture this: You’re sipping on a coffee that’s just right – not too bitter or sour. That’s what specialty blends can do. Each sip lets you explore new flavors and stories behind the beans.

And hey, if you care about where your coffee comes from, many specialty options are shade-grown or fair-trade too! This means good vibes with every gulp since you’re supporting ethical farming practices as well.

Ethics and sustainability

Ethical coffee helps farmers earn enough money and can keep the land healthy. Coffee brands that care about these things make sure they treat workers right and protect our planet.

Plus, it feels awesome knowing your coffee choice supports families who grow those tasty beans. So sip on something superb – it’s good for you AND the world around us!


1. What’s so special about coffee from the Soconusco region?

Well, let me tell you – Soconusco region coffee? It’s the real deal! The beans have this unique flavor that’s like… wow! Plus, they’re often used by top Mexican coffee brands in their blends. If you’re on the hunt for something special, start there!

2. Can I make decaf coffee just as tasty as regular?

Absolutely! Decaf doesn’t mean boring, my friend. Some of the best brands out there roast decaf coffee that still packs a punch. You know… with all that rich flavor minus the buzz.

3. How should I grind my whole bean coffee for a killer cup?

Guess what? The burr grinder is your new best buddy here; it’ll crush those beans to perfection. Whether it’s pour-over or espresso shots – think lungo, not too short, not too long – getting the grind right makes all the difference.

4. Do Mexican cafés serve anything other than plain old coffee brews?

Oh boy, do they ever! Ever heard of “xocolātl”? It’s this dreamy concoction mixing chocolate solids and green coffee – talk about a match made in heaven! And if you’re feeling adventurous (are ya?), why not stir in a splash of tequila for kicks?

5. Is there an image file format preferred when sharing photos of my delightful cafe experiences online?

Ah-ha… webp is your go-to image file format these days − saves time uploading without skimping on quality… and more time sipping that perfect cup at your favorite café or kicking back with your home-brewed masterpiece.

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