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Finding all types of coffee

In this article we will list all types of coffee. There might be local types we don’t know of, but we are doing our best to find all of them and write them here in this complete guide. Please contact us if you know of a coffee drink we should know of.

This list contain only hot coffee types. For Ice coffee click here

Different Types of Coffee Beans

Types of Coffee
Different Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a world of diverse flavors waiting to be discovered, each with its own unique character. Let’s dive into the four main actors on the stage of coffee beans – Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.

Each brings its distinct profile to your cup, from mellow smoothness to bold intensity..


Arabica beans are the stars of the coffee world. They grow in high places where the air is cool. These beans give a smooth taste and have less caffeine than Robusta. People love Arabica for its soft, sweet flavor which often has hints of fruit or berries.

Most fancy coffee drinks use Arabica beans. You might find them in espresso shots at your favorite cafe. Baristas choose these beans to make a perfect flat white or iced latte because they mix well with milk and syrups without losing their special taste.

Arabica makes your morning cup feel like a treat!


Robusta beans are tough. They grow in harsh climates where Arabica can’t survive. These beans have double the caffeine of Arabica, which makes them bitter but gives you a good energy kick.

Coffee made from robusta is strong and has a nutty or chocolaty taste. People often use it for instant coffee because of its bold flavor and lower cost.

Farmers like to grow robusta since it resists disease well. This bean is common in blends, especially for espresso because it creates lots of crema—the creamy foam on top of your drink.

If you want a morning wake-up call that’s big on taste and not too pricey, robusta might be the bean for you!


Liberica coffee beans are special. They grow on large trees and have an unusual shape, like a hook. Not many people drink Liberica compared to Arabica or Robusta because it’s harder to find.

But those who try it get a bold taste with hints of fruity and woody flavors. It’s like finding a secret treasure in the world of coffee.

Think about trying something new? Grab some Liberica! Each sip might surprise you with its smoky-sweet notes that stand out from other types of coffee. It’s not just another cup—it’s a rare adventure for your taste buds.


Excelsa coffee beans have a unique taste that sets them apart from the rest. Grown mostly in Southeast Asia, Excelsa is part of the Liberica family but offers its own distinctive flair.

Think of it as the mysterious cousin who shows up at family gatherings with stories of adventure and spice. Excelsa’s flavor profile is tart and fruity with a hint of light roastiness – imagine mixing your regular morning brew with a shot of fruit juice!

This type adds complexity to any coffee cup, often included in blends to give an extra kick and depth that can surprise your taste buds. While not as common as Arabica or Robusta, those seeking something different will find Excelsa’s fruity whispers and smooth finish an intriguing discovery in their coffee journey.

Types of coffee Drinks

Coffee comes in many shapes and flavors, each with its own story. Let’s dive into the wide world of coffee drinks you might find at your favorite coffee shop or want to make at home.


affogato coffee

Moving from the wide array of coffee drinks, let’s dive into a unique and delightful treat: Affogato. This Italian dessert-coffee hybrid stars a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream with a hot espresso shot poured over it.

The contrast between the cold, sweet ice cream and the warm, bitter espresso makes for an indulgent taste adventure.

An Affogato may not be your typical coffee drink; in fact, some would argue it’s more of a dessert. But there’s no denying that this simple yet sophisticated concoction brings joy in every spoonful – especially on those lazy afternoons or as a sweet end to dinner.

It blends two loves in one cup: rich coffee flavor with frozen sweetness – truly making each sip and bite an experience to remember.


Americano coffee

An Americano is a type of coffee that’s both simple and strong. It’s made by pouring hot water over espresso, which gives it a similar strength to regular drip coffee but with a different flavor.

This drink has an interesting story – it got its name during World War II when American soldiers in Europe would add water to their espresso to make it taste more like the coffee back home.

Drinking an Americano is like getting a warm hug from your cup – it’s smooth, deep in flavor, and can really wake you up in the morning. It’s less intense than straight espresso yet still packs a punch! People love how versatile this drink can be; you can enjoy it hot or poured over ice for a refreshing twist on hot days.

Let’s slide into something sweet next – Bicerin awaits with chocolate goodness!


Bicerin coffee

Bicerin is a rich, layered Italian coffee treat. You get a taste of sweet chocolate, strong espresso, and creamy milk in one sip. This hot drink comes from Turin, Italy. Picture layers of thick hot cocoa at the bottom, followed by espresso and topped off with frothed milk or cream swirling together in a clear glass – that’s bicerin for you.

It’s like getting dessert and coffee all at once! People often enjoy bicerin during colder months because it warms them up from the inside out.

Unlike many other coffee drinks, bicerin isn’t stirred until you’re ready to drink it. The fun part is watching those three yummy layers mix into each other as your spoon dives in for the perfect blend of flavors.

Each sip brings you something different – maybe more chocolate or a bit more coffee kick this time around. It keeps every mouthful exciting!

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Moving from the sweet and creamy taste of Bicerin, let’s talk about something simple yet bold: black coffee. This is just straight-up coffee without any milk or sugar added. It’s a true classic and loved by many for its pure flavor.

Black coffee can taste different depending on where the beans are from and how they’re roasted. Some might be a little bitter, while others could have hints of chocolate or fruit in them.

Sipping black coffee lets you enjoy all the rich flavors that come straight from the roasted bean. You get to taste what real coffee is all about! And here’s a fun fact – it has almost no calories at all! So if you want to keep things light, this might be your best pick at the coffee shop.

Plus, it’s quick to make when using methods like drip brews or espresso machines.

Black Eye

A Black Eye is like a regular cup of black coffee that decided to level up. This bold drink combines a drip coffee with two shots of espresso, giving you an extra kick to conquer the day.

It’s named for the serious boost it gives—just like getting a wake-up call from a punch in the face (but way more pleasant). The taste? Imagine your favorite hot coffee turned into a superhero—it’s strong, it’s bitter, and it packs a punch.

This coffee isn’t just about keeping your eyes wide open. A Black Eye has layers of flavor—think dark chocolate meeting caramel with just a hint of smokiness—all thanks to those rich espresso shots mixed into the brew.

People love this drink when they need to stay awake or want something powerful enough to cut through the morning fog. Grab one at your local coffee house when you’re feeling brave or make one at home using your trusty coffeemaker and espresso maker if you dare!


Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a high-energy drink made with a mix of brewed coffee, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil or MCT oil. People love it because it gives them a big energy boost. They say it makes you feel full and can even help your brain work better.

The taste? It’s rich, creamy, and kind of like a latte but with an extra kick from the oils.

Some folks think Bulletproof coffee is their secret weapon for staying sharp and not getting hungry during long days. It’s funny to think that putting butter in your coffee could be good for you! But when you choose healthy fats like those found in this special brew, it might just give you the pep in your step to start the day strong.

Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait is like a cozy blanket on a chilly morning. It’s simple: hot coffee meets warm milk. People love this drink because it has a smooth taste and makes them feel relaxed. You don’t need fancy tools to make it, just good coffee and some steamed milk.

Next up we have Caffè Corretto, which brings a little surprise..

Caffè Corretto

Caffe Corretto

Moving from the smooth mix of coffee and steamed milk that makes up a Café au Lait, let’s shift to something with a kick – Caffè Corretto. This Italian favorite is espresso ‘corrected’ with a splash of liquor, usually grappa, sambuca or brandy.

Imagine sitting at a cozy café in Italy as you sip on this bold drink. The warm feel of the alcohol mingles perfectly with the rich taste of espresso, giving you an energetic boost and warming your spirits.

Caffè Corretto isn’t just about the buzz; it’s also about tradition and enjoying life’s little pleasures. Each sip combines the energizing effect of coffee with the comfort that comes from your favorite spirit—definitely not your average morning cup! Whether it’s to cap off a meal or to break up a busy day, this spirited espresso delivers both flavor and fun in one small cup.

Caffè Medici

Caffe Medici

Caffè Medici is a fancy coffee drink with layers of flavors. First, you put chocolate syrup in the glass, then pour hot espresso over it. Add some orange peel and top it all off with whipped cream.

It’s like a sweet and zesty party in your mouth! This drink mixes rich chocolate taste with the bright kick of citrus from the orange. People love how different it tastes from regular coffee drinks.

You might not find Caffè Medici on every menu, but when you do, it’s a special treat. It shows how creative people can be with coffee – taking something simple and turning it into an amazing experience for your taste buds.

Remember drinking this could make you feel like Italian royalty from old times, enjoying elegant desserts in grand cafes!

Cajun Spiced Coffee

Cajun Spiced Coffee

Cajun Spiced Coffee puts a zesty twist on your usual cup. Imagine sipping coffee that dances with spices like chicory, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Some people even add cayenne pepper for an extra kick! This bold drink comes from Louisiana in the United States, where they know how to mix fun and flavor.

As you sip Cajun Spiced Coffee, expect a warm hug of flavors that wake up more than just your eyes. It’s not just about the taste; this coffee offers a little adventure in each cup.

Perfect for those who love their mornings with a side of excitement!



A cappuccino is a lovely espresso-based drink that’s perfect for those who love a balance of coffee and milk. It has three layers: a shot of espresso, hot milk, and a thick layer of frothy, foamy milk on top.

This makes it creamy but with a strong coffee punch. Some people like to sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon on top for an extra treat.

Many folks enjoy their cappuccinos in the morning to start their day with some energy. Plus, there’s this fun fact: the name ‘cappuccino’ comes from the color matching the robes of Capuchin monks! Ready for another warm beverage? Let’s move on to Carajillo Coffee.

Carajillo Coffee

Carajillo Coffee

From the creamy foam of a cappuccino, we move to the warm kick of Carajillo Coffee. This bold drink mixes coffee with liquor, often brandy or rum. It’s a favorite in Spain and Latin America where it’s served both hot and cold.

Imagine sipping on this: strong coffee gives you a jolt while the smooth liquor warms you up. It’s like having dessert and an after-dinner drink all in one cup! People love Carajillo for its simple yet perfect blend that turns your average coffee break into a mini-celebration any time of day.

Coffee with Coconut Milk

Coffee with Coconut Milk

Coffee with coconut milk is a drink for those who like their coffee creamy but can’t have dairy or just want something different. This tropical twist on traditional milk coffee brings a light sweetness and rich texture to your cup.

Coconut milk makes the coffee taste slightly sweet and nutty, giving it a unique flavor far from regular black or dairy milks.

Trying this kind of coffee could be a fun change from your everyday brew. It’s perfect for people looking to mix up their routine with some new tastes. Coffee lovers often enjoy how the mild coconut flavor blends with the boldness of the espresso coffee, creating a balance that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

And next up is “Coffee with Milk,” which might sound simple, yet it’s another classic choice loved by many around the world.

Coffee with Milk

Coffee with Milk

Coffee with Milk is a classic. It’s simple and comforting. You mix hot coffee with warm milk, and you get a smooth taste that feels like a warm hug in the morning. Many people love this drink because it’s not too strong but still gives you that coffee flavor we all enjoy.

This friendly cup goes by different names around the world. In France, they call it café au lait, which is just fancy talk for coffee with milk. It’s perfect for folks who want their caffeine kick without the bitter edge.

Whether at home or in a cozy cafe latte, adding milk to your brew makes everything better!

Coffee with Tea

Mixing coffee with tea might sound like a strange idea, but it’s a real drink people enjoy. This combo is also known as “dirty tea.” It usually blends the strong flavor of black tea with the rich taste of espresso.

You get the kick from coffee and the soothing taste of tea all in one cup.

This drink can surprise you! Some say it tastes like a warm, earthy hug in a mug. Imagine sitting back and sipping on something that wakes you up and calms you down at the same time.

That’s what this unique mix offers, making your taste buds dance between two worlds – bold coffee and smooth tea.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew coffee

Moving from the classic mix of coffee with tea to something quite different, let’s talk about cold brew. This drink is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for a long time—usually 12 hours or more! It’s not just your regular iced coffee; it’s smoother and less acidic.

Cold brew has a loyal following because it gives you a strong caffeine kick without the bitterness that hot brewing methods can cause.

People enjoy adding ice or milk to their cold brew, but some drink it straight for its rich and bold flavor. And here’s a fun fact: despite its name, cold brew doesn’t always have to be served cold—it can be heated up, offering a milder taste compared to traditional hot coffee beverages like americanos or espressos.

Con Panna

Con Panna coffee

Con Panna is a simple twist on the classic espresso. Imagine a strong shot of espresso topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. The rich creaminess softens the bold coffee taste—it’s like adding a fluffy cloud to your potent brew! It’s popular for those who love their coffee strong but enjoy a touch of sweetness without stirring in sugar.

This drink gets its name from Italian, where “con panna” means “with cream.” A fun fact about Con Panna? It feels fancy but it’s super easy to make at home. All you need is an espresso maker and some whipped cream to turn your kitchen into an artisan coffee shop.

People looking for that extra special finish can try flavored creams to add another dimension to this delightful cup.


Cortado coffee

A cortado is like a coffee power-play. It’s espresso but cut with a small amount of warm milk to reduce its acidity. The name “cortado” comes from the Spanish word for “cut,” so think of it as espresso that’s been softened up just a touch.

This drink packs all the punch of espresso with a smoother taste, thanks to the milk evens things out.

People who want strong coffee without too much bitterness often pick this brew. Cortados are served in small glasses and have an even ratio of coffee to milk—this balance gives you rich flavor without overpowering your tastebuds.

Moving on, let’s get ready for another intense espresso-based drink – Cuban Espresso.

Cuban Espresso

Cuban Espresso

Moving from the Spanish-influenced cortado, we enter the world of Cuban espresso, a sweet and bold coffee experience. This drink is like a mini-party in a cup. It’s made with dark roasted beans and has a thick layer of sugary foam called ‘espuma’.

People make it by first whipping sugar with a little bit of strong coffee to create this sweet froth before adding more espresso on top.

Cuban Espresso isn’t just about the kick of caffeine; it’s also about enjoying rich flavors. Each sip delivers intense coffee taste mixed with sweetness that makes your taste buds dance.

It’s popular in Cuba and among those who love their coffee strong but with something extra – plenty of sweetness without cream or milk to mellow it out!

Decaf Coffee

decaf coffee

After exploring the bold flavors of Cuban Espresso, let’s mellow things down with Decaf Coffee. This coffee lets you enjoy all the taste without the buzz. Decaf stands for decaffeinated, which means most of the caffeine has been removed.

Don’t worry; it still tastes like regular coffee! Some people drink it at night because it won’t keep them awake.

Decaf is made from different kinds of beans, like Arabica or Robusta. The beans are treated to take out caffeine before they are roasted and ground. The flavor can be just as rich and satisfying as other coffees on our list – think chocolatey, nutty, or even fruity notes depending on how it’s made.

It’s a great choice if you want that coffee experience but prefer less caffeine in your cup!


Doppio coffee

Doppio is a strong espresso-based drink, like a double shot of energy. It’s made by pushing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, but here’s the twist: it uses twice the amount of coffee and makes twice as much drink.

This means you get a bolder flavor and more caffeine in your cup.

Think of Doppio as the twin brother to your regular espresso – just bigger and stronger! People love it for that extra kick to start their day or to power through an afternoon slump.

If you’re used to sipping on single espressos, trying out a Doppio can be quite the step up in terms of taste and alertness boost.

Double Espresso

Double Espresso

Double Espresso packs a punch in a small cup. This strong coffee is like an espresso, but it’s made with twice the amount of coffee grounds. You get a bold flavor and more caffeine for your day.

It’s smooth yet has a rich taste that true coffee fans love.

People often choose Double Espresso when they need extra energy. Each sip brings out deep notes from the dark beans used to make it. Many folks enjoy this drink as is, while others might add sugar or milk to match their taste.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is a classic and loved by many for its straightforward brewing process. You pour hot water over ground coffee beans that sit in a filter. The water drips through, soaking up all the good flavors and aromas from the beans.

This method makes a clean, delicious cup of coffee that’s easy to drink. Drip coffee machines are famous in homes and offices because they can make lots of coffee at once.

This kind of brew brings out a smooth taste with every sip, and you can control how strong it gets by changing the amount of water or coffee grounds you use. Some people like to add milk or sugar, but it tastes great black too! After enjoying some drip coffee..

Egg Coffee

Egg Coffee

egg coffee

Egg coffee is a unique drink with roots in Vietnam. It’s like a little dessert right in your cup of joe! Think creamy, sweet, and rich—the kind of treat that wakes you up and satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time.

They make it by whipping egg yolks with sugar and coffee, then pouring the fluffy mix over hot brew.

This might sound strange, but give it a try and you may be surprised. The taste has hints of vanilla and can be as smooth as custard. It’s not just any old coffee; it’s an experience—a cozy hug for your taste buds! Egg coffee stands out from other espresso-based drinks because of its fun twist on something so familiar.



Espressino is a cozy little Italian coffee that’s like a mini dessert in a cup. It blends creamy milk foam, cocoa powder, and espresso for a sweet treat. Think of it as the cousin to cappuccinos and lattes but with an extra chocolate hug! Some folks might even sprinkle it with more cocoa or add tiny chocolate chips on top – talk about a fancy touch.

This drink gives you that strong coffee buzz softened by sweetness. If you love your day to start with both energy and something sweet, espressino could be your new best buddy. It’s popular in Southern Italy, where people adore their coffee rich and full of flavor.

Imagine sipping this delightful mix while watching the sunrise – it surely makes mornings worth waking up for!



Espresso is a strong coffee that wakes you up and gets your day going. Think of it as the super-fast car of coffees – quick to make and powerful! It comes from an Italian machine that pushes hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

This process makes a small, rich shot with a lovely layer of foam on top called “crema.” People love espresso for its bold flavor and high energy kick.

You can enjoy espresso in many ways. Some sip it plain for a fast caffeine boost, while others mix it with milk to make drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. Espresso is also the base for fun drinks like macchiatos and mochas where sweet flavors join the party.

So next time you need a little zip in your step, try an espresso – but be ready; it packs quite the punch!

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna is like a fancy dessert in a cup. It mixes strong espresso with a dollop of whipped cream on top. This drink is for those who love their coffee rich and sweet. The whipped cream adds smoothness to the intense taste of the espresso, making it a delightful treat.

People enjoy Espresso Con Panna after dinner or as an afternoon pick-me-up. It blends the kick of caffeine with the creamy touch you might find in your favorite desserts. If you crave something sweeter than regular coffee but still want that coffee flavor, this could be your new go-to drink.

Next up, let’s talk about Filtered Coffee..

Filtered Coffee

Filtered Coffee

Moving from the creamy delight of an Espresso Con Panna, we arrive at the classic and clear choice—Filtered Coffee. This is a simple coffee that comes from pouring hot water over ground coffee beans.

The liquid flows through a filter and leaves behind any grounds. Filtered coffee tastes smooth, not too strong, but still has enough kick to wake you up.

Many people enjoy filtered coffee because it’s easy to make at home or find in a shop. It’s often served in big pots and keeps folks coming back for more. Did you know some avid drinkers won’t go for anything else but their beloved filtered brew? It shows just how much this humble cup can be a favorite!

Flat White

Flat White coffee

After exploring the simplicity of filtered coffee, let’s dive into the smooth and creamy world of flat whites. A flat white is like a cappuccino’s cousin, but with less foam and more milk.

It comes from Australia or New Zealand – there’s a bit of a friendly fight over who made it first. This drink mixes steamed milk with strong espresso, making it velvety and rich in taste.

Enjoying a flat white means savoring the perfect balance between coffee and milk. The top has just a thin layer of microfoam, which makes those pretty designs you see on Instagram possible.

In many coffee shops, ordering this will show off your coffee knowledge because not everyone knows about this special brew!

French Press

French Press coffee

A French press, also known as a press pot or coffee plunger, makes rich and full-bodied coffee. It’s simple to use—just mix ground beans with hot water, wait a few minutes, then push down the plunger.

This filters the grounds from the liquid and leaves you with delicious coffee.

The taste of this coffee is deep and flavorful because it keeps the oils from the beans in your cup. Unlike drip machines, there’s no paper filter to take away some tastes. Fun fact: The French press was patented by an Italian guy named Attilio Calimani back in 1929! Now it’s loved by coffee fans all over for its robust flavor profile that really lets you taste the bean’s true character.


Galao coffee

Galao is a sweet and milky drink from Portugal. It’s like a latte but lighter, made with lots of foamy milk and just a splash of espresso coffee. Many people love it in the morning because it’s not too strong and has a creamy taste that wakes you up gently.

This type of coffee can be fun to try if you’re used to drinking regular coffee or lattes. Galao gives you a soft hug of flavor with every sip—and it looks pretty, too! The milk makes it look almost like clouds floating on top of the golden brown espresso.

Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is a strong brew, served with foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of the cup. It’s similar to Turkish coffee but has its own unique way of being made. To make Greek coffee, you boil finely ground coffee beans with sugar and water in a special pot called a ‘briki.’ You have to watch it closely as it heats up so that it doesn’t boil over.

When ready, it’s poured into a cup where the grounds settle at the bottom. Don’t drink those! The taste is rich and full, often enjoyed with a sweet treat on the side.

After sipping some Greek coffee, let’s move further east and explore another beloved warm beverage – Indian Filter Coffee.

Indian Filter Coffee

Indian Filter Coffee

Indian Filter Coffee is a favorite in many homes and coffee shops across India. It’s made with dark roasted coffee beans and chicory. The mix gets brewed in a metal filter, which creates a strong brew.

Then you add hot milk and sugar for a sweet, creamy taste.

People often love this kind of coffee because it wakes them up with its rich flavor. Enjoying Indian Filter Coffee can be like taking a quick trip to the busy streets of Chennai or Bangalore, where this drink is very popular!

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a quick and easy way to make a cup of joe. You just add hot water to the powder or granules, stir, and it’s ready to drink. This type of coffee is great when you are in a hurry or don’t have a coffee maker at hand.

It comes from brewing real beans that are then dried into crystal form.

Some people think instant coffee doesn’t taste as good as fresh-brewed coffee, but others love its convenience. Plus, it can last a long time on your shelf without going bad. Fact: Instant coffee was first made way back in 1901! Now that’s what we call a speedy sip through time!

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee mixes sweet, creamy flavors with a punch of strong coffee and Irish whiskey. People often enjoy it on cold days to warm up or as a treat after meals. The drink is made by pouring hot coffee over sugar, then adding whiskey and topping it all off with a layer of cream.

The trick is not to mix the cream with the rest of the drink; it should float on top.

This coffee type stands out because of its rich taste that comes from the whiskey and smoothness from the cream. It’s like having your dessert and after-dinner drink all in one! Did you know some folks use Irish Coffee as a way to cheer up during long winters? That warm sip can brighten any chilly evening.

Kopi Klotok

Kopi Klotok coffee

Kopi Kothok is a unique coffee from Indonesia. It’s made in a special way – people put coffee grounds right into a glass, add sugar, and then pour hot water over it. What’s interesting is that they don’t mix it at all! The coffee grounds stay at the bottom of the glass while you sip the clear liquid above them.

This means you get to enjoy your drink without getting any bits in your mouth.

The taste of Kopi Kothok is strong and sweet with a real kick from the caffeine. You might think it’s strange not to stir it, but this method really brings out bold flavors that coffee lovers enjoy.

Once you’re done, just leave those grounds behind and look forward to trying something new and exciting like Latte next!


A latte is like a warm hug in a cup. It mixes espresso with steamed milk and just a little bit of foam on top. This coffee drink tastes smooth, creamy, and has just the right touch of coffee kick to it.

Many people love lattes for their soft texture and find them less strong than straight espresso.

Lattes can be fun too! You can add flavors like vanilla or caramel to make them sweet treats. Artists at coffee shops often pour the milk in a way that makes pretty designs on top – something called latte art.

A morning latte might become your next favorite way to start the day!

Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato is like a fun twist in the coffee world. It starts with hot steamed milk, and then baristas add a shot of espresso gently on top. This makes beautiful layers that look really cool in a clear glass.

The name “macchiato” means marked or stained milk in Italian, so it’s just milk mixed with a little bit of coffee.

Taste wise, if you love smooth drinks but still want that kick of coffee, Latte Macchiato is perfect for you. It’s less strong than a regular latte because there’s more warm milk and less espresso.

Try this drink when you want something comforting yet full of rich flavor!

Long Black

Long Black coffee

Long Black is a strong, rich coffee that’s much like an espresso but bigger. It’s made by pouring hot water into a cup and then adding two shots of espresso on top. This process keeps the creama— the golden foam on top of an espresso—intact, giving you a lovely layer to sip through.

A Long Black has more water than an Americano, which makes it less intense but still bold in flavor.

People enjoy Long Blacks because they offer the strength of an espresso with the sippability of a regular black coffee. The taste is deep and it often has hints of chocolate or spice from the beans used to make it.

This drink is perfect for those who love their coffee strong without milk or sugar getting in the way!

Long Macchiato

Long Macchiato

A Long Macchiato stands out in the coffee crowd. It’s a unique drink that mixes bold espresso with just a spot of frothy milk on top. Picture this: dark, rich espresso at the bottom, with a cloud of light milk foam floating above it.

People often choose a Long Macchiato when they want something strong like an espresso but with a touch of smoothness from the milk. Each sip brings you the intense coffee flavor followed by creamy foam—it’s like getting two drinks in one!


Lungo coffee

Lungo is like an espresso but it’s pulled longer for a bigger drink. Think of a lungo as a stretched-out espresso shot that gets more water through the coffee grounds. This makes the taste less strong and gives you more to sip on.

It still hits the spot if you want something with an espresso kick, but maybe not quite so bold.

People often pick lungo when they need a quick coffee fix without too much punch. It fills your cup more than an espresso, yet keeps that rich flavor. Unlike quick-brewed coffees, lungo maintains its depth — it takes time for hot water to go through all those grounds, after all!



A macchiato is a strong coffee with just a splash of milk. It’s like an espresso that got a tiny bit shy and needed some milk to calm down. The word “macchiato” means “marked” or “stained,” and in the case of the coffee, it’s marked with just enough steamed milk on top.

People love how this drink lets them taste the bold espresso but still has a touch of creamy sweetness.

You might enjoy knowing that ordering a macchiato can make you look like a coffee expert. In many places, this drink isn’t as famous as lattes or cappuccinos, so when you ask for it, baristas nod with respect.

The taste is rich and deep with those little bubbles from the steamed milk making each sip smooth. A perfect pick-me-up if you’re not into super milky coffees!



Moving from the bold flavors of a Macchiato, let’s explore Marocchino. This Italian coffee treat blends espresso, milk foam, and cocoa powder in a unique way. It starts with a shot of strong espresso.

Then, they sprinkle it with rich cocoa before adding the frothy milk on top. The layers create a lovely mix that looks as good as it tastes.

Drinking a Marocchino feels like giving your taste buds a warm hug. The cocoa adds sweetness and depth to the boldness of the espresso. This coffee is usually served in small glasses so you can see every delicious layer! Some people even add chocolate syrup for an extra kick of sweetness.

It’s like having dessert and coffee all rolled into one delightful cup.

Mexican Coffee

Mexican Coffee

Mexican Coffee is more than a warm drink; it’s an experience. Picture this: a mix of strong coffee, cinnamon, and sugar, all blended together and sometimes spiked with a shot of something extra to give it some kick—often rum or tequila.

This special coffee often gets topped with whipped cream for an added treat. Imagine sitting back on a sunny afternoon in Mexico, sipping this delightful beverage that warms you from the inside out.

The magic touch? Mexican Coffee usually includes a pinch of chili powder to spice things up! It’s like having your taste buds dance to the rhythm of mariachi music while enjoying the rich blend of flavors that make this drink stand out.

Each sip delivers sweetness with hints of spice and everything nice about traditional Mexican culture.

Now let’s move on to ‘Mirra.’


Mirra coffee

Mirra is a traditional kind of coffee that comes from the Middle East. It’s known for being very strong and is often served in small cups. People make Mirra by roasting coffee beans until they’re almost burned, then grinding them into a fine powder.

This powder gets boiled in water, sometimes with spices like cardamom or saffron.

The taste of Mirra can be quite intense—it’s bitter but also has rich flavors from the dark roast and any spices used. Many folks drink it after meals as a sort of pick-me-up. Even though it might sound too strong for some, those who love bold tastes really enjoy Mirra.

Next up is Mocha, another crowd favorite that brings together coffee and chocolate for an indulgent treat.


Mocha latte

Mocha is a sweet treat in the coffee world. It mixes rich espresso with hot milk and chocolate, making for a cozy cup that’s like a warm hug. Imagine melting dark chocolate into your favorite coffee; that’s the magic of a mocha! People often top it off with whipped cream or cocoa powder to add extra joy to every sip.

This coffee drink got its name from Mocha beans, which come from Yemen and have a natural chocolaty taste. But today, any espresso with chocolate flavors gets called “mocha.” So next time you want dessert in your mug, pick up a mocha—it’s like sipping on liquid happiness with an energy boost.

Mocha Latte

From the rich taste of mocha, we move on to its creamy cousin, the Mocha Latte. This drink blends chocolate and coffee in a way that’s like a warm hug in a cup. First, espresso gets poured into the mug.

Then hot milk is mixed in along with sweet chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. It’s often topped off with whipped cream and a bit more chocolate sprinkled on top for that extra touch of sweetness.

People who love their desserts as much as their caffeine find the Mocha Latte irresistible. It takes all the good parts of a hot cocoa and gives it an energizing kick from the espresso shots.

The result is a smooth beverage with just enough richness from robusta beans or arabica ones used in making the espresso-based drinks, creating layers of flavor loved by many at coffee houses everywhere.

Moka Pot Coffee

Moka Pot Coffee

Moka Pot Coffee is a rich brew that comes from a stovetop espresso maker. Italians love this coffee for its strong flavor. It’s like an espresso but made in a special pot called a Moka Pot.

This pot has three parts: water goes at the bottom, ground coffee in the middle, and the brewed drink ends up on top.

People enjoy Moka Pot Coffee because it tastes bold and dense with just the right kick of caffeine. Think of it as your little home espresso machine without all the fancy buttons. The Bialetti brand is famous for making these pots, and many coffee lovers have one in their kitchens.

Next up, let’s explore another exciting type of brew – Nitro Coffee!

Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee is a cool twist on your regular cup of joe. Imagine coffee poured like beer with that creamy, frothy top – that’s nitro! It gets its name because it’s infused with nitrogen gas, which gives it a rich and smooth texture.

When you take a sip, it might remind you of having a stout brew at the pub but without the booze.

This type of coffee often doesn’t need milk or sugar because the nitrogen makes it naturally sweet. If you’re looking for something new to try in your coffee routine, nitro could be just the thing.

Plus, watching it cascade into your glass is like seeing a mini waterfall right before you drink – pretty neat, right?.

Piccolo Latte

Piccolo Latte

A Piccolo Latte is like a cafe latte’s little cousin. It has the same layers but comes in a small glass. This drink uses less milk than the bigger lattes, so you taste more espresso.

People who love strong coffee really enjoy it.

The Piccolo Latte mixes rich espresso with warm, creamy milk to make each sip smooth and flavorful. Imagine holding a tiny cup that packs a punch of deep coffee taste softened by just enough milk to make it easy to drink.

Qishr Coffee

Qishr coffee is a warm, spicy drink from Yemen. It’s made with coffee husks, ginger, and sometimes cinnamon or cardamom. This kind of brew is not as strong as regular coffee because it doesn’t have coffee beans in it.

People often enjoy qishr when they want something that tastes good but has less caffeine.

This special drink can surprise you with its sweet and spicy flavors. It might make you think of cozy times and faraway places. Qishr may not be as famous as other types of coffee like lattes or americanos, but those who try it remember its unique taste.

Red Eye

Red Eye coffee

Red Eye is a strong drink that wakes you up fast! It’s made with regular drip coffee and topped with a shot of espresso. This mix gives you an extra boost when you need it most. People like this drink because it has the deep taste of coffee plus the sharp zing from the espresso.

If you’re in a hurry or have to stay awake, a Red Eye might be just what you need. It’s like taking your coffee on a sprint; the rush comes quick and keeps you going strong.



Ristretto is a strong and bold coffee type. It’s like espresso but even more powerful with less water. This makes it taste richer and have a deeper flavor. People who love their coffee extra strong pick ristretto as their go-to drink.

Some say it packs all the good things about coffee into just one sip! It uses the same amount of ground coffee as espresso, but since there’s less water, each drop has more punch.

Drinking ristretto might not be for everyone because it is so intense, but coffee fans often enjoy its concentrated taste. The aroma can fill up a room and make you feel awake right away.

If you’re looking to try something different from regular brewed coffee or lattes, give ristretto a shot—you might just find your new favorite morning wake-up call!

Slow-Brewed Coffee

Slow Brewed Coffee

Slow-brewed coffee is all about patience and taste. It takes more time than other methods, but it gives a rich and deep flavor that many people love. This type of coffee comes from letting ground beans sit in cold or room-temperature water for hours, sometimes even days! The result is a smooth drink with low acidity.

Making slow-brewed coffee at home can be fun and easy. You just need coarsely ground beans, water, and a jar or pitcher. Mix them together and let the magic happen slowly in your fridge.

After waiting, you get to enjoy a cup of coffee that’s gentle on your stomach yet full of bold tastes—perfect for those who want their caffeine kick without any harshness.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a special drink that comes from the Middle East. To make it, you mix finely ground coffee beans with water and sugar, then cook it in a pot called a cezve. This coffee is known for its strong taste and the way it’s cooked makes sure all the flavors come out.

You might find some coffee grounds left in your cup after drinking Turkish coffee – this is normal!

This kind of coffee has been around for hundreds of years, and people often enjoy it after meals. It’s also part of important traditions in countries like Turkey and Greece. When you try Turkish coffee, you can guess about how your day will go by looking at the shapes made by leftover grounds on your cup!

Vacuum Coffee

siphon coffee

Vacuum coffee, also known as siphon coffee, is a unique way to make a cup of Joe. It uses two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee. This method came about in the 1800s and it’s quite a show to watch.

It looks like a science experiment right on your kitchen counter! Heat pushes water up into the top chamber where it mixes with coffee grounds. After brewing, it goes back down into the bottom pot ready for you to enjoy.

This kind of brew is clear and smooth; some say it makes the best-tasting coffee because it doesn’t let any flavor escape. The taste comes out clean without any bitterness or too much oiliness that you might get from other methods.

Vacuum brewed coffee is not just delicious – making it feels like fun magic every time!

Vienna Coffee

Vienna Coffee

Vienna Coffee stands out with its rich blend of strong coffee topped with whipped cream. Imagine sitting in a cozy Austrian cafe and sipping on this warm, creamy delight. The taste is smooth, yet the coffee underneath is potent enough to give you that much-needed boost.

It’s like a dessert and a cup of coffee all rolled into one! To make Vienna Coffee just right, you brew up some strong black coffee—often espresso—and then add a cloud of whipped cream on top instead of milk or sugar.

Some people sprinkle cocoa powder or chocolate shavings for an extra touch of sweetness. This unique mix makes it more than just a drink; it’s an experience for your taste buds!

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee stands out with its strong, bold flavor. It is made with a small metal drip filter called a ‘phin.’ First, dark roast coffee fills the phin, and hot water drips slowly through it.

This process makes the coffee taste really rich. Then, sweetened condensed milk adds creamy sweetness at the bottom of the cup. Mix them together, and you get an amazing drink!

Some people in Vietnam like their coffee cold. They pour the hot coffee over ice to cool down on warm days. The cold version is just as tasty as the hot one! Whether you drink it hot or iced, Vietnamese coffee gives you a big energy boost and has fans all around the world.


1. What are some of the different kinds of coffee I can try?

You’ve got a world of choices! From the classic café lattes to chilled Greek frappé, creamy mochaccinos, and bold Irish coffees – there’s a type for every mood. Explore cold brew coffees or frothy babyccinos; they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different coffee types.

2. How do I make coffee with a moka pot or other home brewers?

Grab your moka pot, Bialetti or syphon coffee maker and get ready for rich flavors! Simply fill them with water and ground coffee beans from your favorite roasters. Heat them up on the stove or follow your specific brewer’s instructions. The result? A deliciously strong cup that’ll kickstart your day.

3. Is decaffeinated coffee really caffeine-free?

Not entirely, but almost! Decaffeinated coffee goes through a process that removes most caffeine while keeping that great taste intact—perfect for when you want to unwind without an extra buzz.

4. What is special about drinks like café bombón and caffe breve?

Oh, they’re delightful treats – sweet café bombón pairs espresso with condensed milk for a silky sipper while caffè breve mixes in half-and-half cream, giving you that indulgent experience any time!

5. Can you tell me more about how cold coffees are made?

Absolutely – think cold brews steeping coarsely ground beans in cool water overnight or quick spins in blenders for icy frappuccinos… Each method brings out unique flavors from those precious beans housed within each ripe red berry of the noble coffee plant.

6. Is it hard to find exotic styles like kaapi and cafetière à piston outside their origin countries?

Not at all! With specialty cafes popping up everywhere and global interest peaking in diverse brewing methods – whether it be South Indian kaapi or French press-style cafetière à piston—there’s always an opportunity nearby to explore these international delights.

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